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  1. Elizabeth Dick

    WE THE PEOPLE WILL get our country back from these murderous monsters! There are more of those of us who love our country and are Patriots than there are of the antif – “FOOLS” and the black lives matter! All that they prove is that they are morons! Our Almighty God is in charge! And to these idiots – ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

  2. Everett

    Thank you for all the great work you are doing !!

    What a time for Faith and therefore I am retiring and moving to Fargo, ND.

    If it is OK to recommend a potential guest on your show, I might say Victoria Reynolds and Brandy Faith Weld regarding “Tell-a-Vision” replacing “TV”

    Thank you,

  3. Bruce Riecke

    America-What it is…….. Great podcast….keep encouragement to the Patriots coming.
    However “We The People” have NOT done a poor job of involvement.
    WHY…….because we are a Trusting people. We Trusted in our voting in of people that we allowed to govern us. And Trusted they would do so.
    What we are guilty of is being too Trusting and not monitoring our selections. Now we have learned we have been taking advantage of. We are a people that Trust in God. So we would not think our trust would be taken advantage of, by our politicians. As noted, we are a Trusting people
    Now that we see our mistake, you are right in that it is time to become involved in our own governance.
    And to Trust God will work through us.

  4. John Zimmerman

    Hi Doug. I’m a huge fan and tell everyone about your show. Today was difficult to watch mainly because the show (as accurate as it was ) was basically a rant. It was true, but nothing new. This is becoming exhausting enough living through it. We look to you and many other patriots for hope. The evidence of the obvious is sufficient. I love that phrase you use. So no need to rehash unless there is news attached. Maybe I’m wrong. If so, I accept that. You are rising to the top my friend. You represent millions of us. Keep your chin up and keep going. You are in my prayers. God bless you.

  5. Michael Marler

    Ask General McInerney about who has Pelosi ‘s laptop. He knows.