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  1. vee

    Salut Doug, I am following your podcasts from Quebec city Canada. I heard of you from Simon Parkes’ blog few months ago. I like that the conversations are open for your guests to speak what they feel like in that moment. It is a refreshing way to do information.
    Thank you for your lights on thruth. All the best for you and your entourage. Cheers.

  2. Jeremy Jones

    Qanon isn’t about conspiracy theories, it is about not taking everything at face value, asking questions, researching the validity of sources, and chasing down the truth, specifically about the things our government has LIED to us about over the course of American History. Retired General Flynn is not part of Qanon. Fine, discredit us if you feel like you have to, but we are all on the same side. General Flynn wants to issue orders and point us like a weapon at the broken election system to get involved with the legal battles at our local level. I am not saying that he is wrong, there is much to be done and we get distracted, but he is telling us what we need to know to accomplish the mission. That’s not enough for me, I want the raw truth that even the good guys, like General Flynn, bury in political gravel. I understand why they do it but I am not accepting that I should only know what I need to know about the truth. A small truth is not enough, I want a big picture. I want the whole truth not just what someone else decided I need to know. I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DECIDE FOR MYSELF.

  3. Curt Pascoe

    Politicians, we are limited to bad or worse, They sift out the Godly people, and they sift out anyone with any kind of scruples. The mainstream news media chooses who is presented to us to vote for.
    so by the time, it’s time to vote we only have three choices, this bad person or that worse person. or you don’t vote for anyone. Not voting is a vote to let them do whatever they want to do.
    The right people for the jobs don’t want to put their families through all the misery of the mainstream media is going to put them through. If they don’t like them. Everyone that’s in the office today was installed by the news media. and the dominion machines. If the media like A pedophile, they back them over people they can’t control.

  4. Susan Dill

    Lynn told us what to research and he drew a letter with his hand while speaking. He and many others know the real picture . There are facts and things we see. There are things we intuitively understand and know. God has giving those who trust and believe in Him wisdom and understanding. The two words “conspiracy theory” were created for discrediting truth and are used to intimidate people who have discovered the realities of what’s actually going on. Let’s not look at the current world we are living in with rose colored glasses but rather with a giant magnifying glass!

  5. calvin

    If it’s all nonsense, why do you continue to talk to people who promote or are open to some of these Q “conspiracy” ideas?

  6. Jessica Conner

    Just remember there is alot that Flynn can’t tell us, because he’s in the trenches fighting. He can’t divulge much I’m sure.

  7. RSUE

    If the General does not believe in Q why is he going to events where there are people who do? Does he also not believe in God’s prophets? They have declared that GOD will save & rescue America & the world in a might way for the GREAT AWAKENING to begin. Since you have joined with Glen Beck do you now have to only interview & speak about things he approves? I think Glen has been awesome in revealing many things but I don’t know that he believes in the Lord speaking through prophets like Amanda Grace. The one thing I know God is NOT going to allow this evil to continue. Also it is very obvious that Joe Biden does NOT look like he used to and to deny some of the advanced technologies we know the Govt has is simply ignorant. Hollywood can make anyone unrecognizable & make them look like another person. So many things you & the General are denying or are refusing to acknowledge. The American people are waking up & there is plenty of evidence to support much of what has been said & for General Flynn to blow off the Satanic pedophile networks of worldwide child trafficking is just wrong.

  8. Koji D Kanemoto

    Gen. Flynn’s reference to D-Day is very appropriate. In order for secret invasion to succeed, Ike unleashed a tremendous disinformation plan along with a small number of double-agents – all to trick the crazy Hitler into thinking the US invasion would be at Pas de Calais. Ike even used the GREAT Gen. George Patton as a diversion, pretending to head up a new tank Army towards the north. Confirmation at the last minute that Hitler took the bait was from a secret message from Baron Onishi to Imperial Japan. The US Army had broken the Japanese embassorial “Purple Code” and had listened in. In 2021, essentially the same things are happening – just much more high tech. Ultra electronic surveillance aircraft, DRT boxes and Stingrays… God bless President Trump.

  9. Carl

    Face it, folks. We’re screwed. These so-called “patriots” like Flynn and Trump never had a plan. And where there is no plan, armies lose.

  10. Carl

    Flynn is all but admitting that President Trump didn’t have a plan.

    Was Trump just stupid?

  11. Jeremy Barker

    The more I hear from General Flynn the less I like him. People need to keep their eye on the ball. A fracturing of our side is entirely stupid. I like what he says about God, but calling people conspiracy theorists is not helpful. The reason people started listening to Doug Billings is because he gave audience to people like Simon Parkes. If that stops guess what else stops.

  12. Rieno

    Tu me paraîs opportuniste et tend a changer ta veste pour flatter ton invité .je déplore que tu discrédites implicitement le discours de ton “bon ami” Simon parkes.tu te fous de sa gueule et de celle de ton crains que ton costume ne soit trop grand pour toi.un peu de cohérence et de loyauté seraient a leur place.j’espere que tu te ressaisisses rapidement.cordialement.rieno.

  13. Pepe McBuckethead

    was saddened to hear Flynn throwing the “little green frogs” under the wheels of the crazy conspiracy bus
    guess that his digital pawns are now longer necessary and totally disposable now
    am certain that anything that implies that any military member or action has every been anything less than “Saintly” will be at the top of his list of “conspiracy theories”

    guess that the sheep will just have to be content with whatever scraps of truth that his pentagon buddies choose to make public

  14. KarenT

    Gen. Flynn, respectfully, your telling us to not complain about our representatives because “we put them in there,” is not only offensive, it’s condescending, especially in light of the monumental corruption exposed of the 2020 election. Our reps weren’t picked by us any more than that administrating misfit was chosen by the majority of voting Americans.

    Also, I’m sure multiple millions know certain people use “doubles” to sit in for them, and presidents absolutely do. Why did you just pretend that’s not true?

    Former military are in the multiple millions, as well, who have hard-learned, severe trust issues, and clearly the civilian American public does, too. We sorely need leaders we can believe. Be one.

    • Dbillingusr

      The General is absolutely correct and it’s not condescending to state what he did. WE have failed… We have NOT been involved thoroughly as a conservative movement since, roughly, the end of WWII. We HAVE let problemed politicians get in to office and we have NOT been involved at the school board levels, county legislative levels, state levels, etc. But the Commusocialists HAVE been involved. You want leaders? Then BE the leader you seek! This Republic is designed, inspired and founded by God and it is MEANT to be led, run & managed by WE THE PEOPLE.
      Was the 2020 presidential election stolen? Of course! It was stolen because we were not involved enough at the table of discussion at local election committee meetings to reject the Dominion voting machines and the ridiculous absentee & mail-in voting rules.

      It’s time to face hard truths and our current predicament is directly related to our LACK of involvement. The good news is that our Republic will survive and many millions of people are waking up to the tyranny of the Commmusocialist party. There are no more democrats in the elected class in America. It’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to get involved and take back our Republic.
      What are YOU prepared to do in order to accomplish this?

      God bless you.
      For the Republic!