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  1. Jean L

    Whag Do people like Mel K, Joey Gilbert, Vandersteele, Gen Flynn think about Robert David Steeles Death? They were saying they intubated him against his will.

  2. JoAnna Moore

    We MUST make voting day a NATIONAL PAID HOLIDAY, so people will be off work to go vote..My son works a 12 hour shift (6am to 6pm), and here in Kentucky and probably most states, voting in person is 6am to 6pm…Most Republicans WORK and a lot of them WORK 12 hour shifts like this..The DemonRats know this..That’s why they’ve never pushed for a holiday..because we ALL know that A LOT of them sit on their @$$ and wait for their government check, so on voting day, MOST of them don’t have a 12 hour shift job keeping them from voting!

  3. Terry Lingmann

    Great speech Doug. You are awesome!
    I tried to register as a PCP but they said come back in May.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Wayne Maxwell

    We heard Karen on 9/11 at We The People Reunion. Keep sharing the Truth!

  5. Wayne Maxwell

    We The People Reunion 9/11 Keep sharing the Truth!

  6. Wayne Maxwell

    Your system won’t let me leave a message says I already left the same message but this is my first time. Keep sharing the Truth!