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  1. Peggy Ferrell

    Great Speech Doug. Very inspiring!

    Peggy Ferrell

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Peggy,
      Thank you so much! I appreciate your support. Truly.
      God bless you.
      For the Republic!

  2. Michael Murphy

    Your talking about Santa Surfing and I believe you about the military and Trump.

  3. Michele A Baum

    I miss Maria Zack! will she be back on soon.
    And I love your interviews with Simon Parkes.

  4. Heike

    I listen to you as you are truthful with logic, not “wishful thinking”!! You give me re-newed faith in what you speak in truth. So much is coming from so many pods and programs which are NOT logical, and so hard to fathom. We all need truth now, and you are on it. Thank you so much!!

  5. Elizabeth Dick

    Doug –
    You owe Maria Zack and her team – but especially Maria – a huge apology!!! For months, you supported her and her team and all that they were doing to help us get out of this nightmare. She, her family and her team faced danger and left them all very vulnerable to the evil going on all around this country and overseas.
    We all followed Maria, worried about her and prayed for her.
    Then, you threw your “”dear friend” under the bus and demanded proof of her claims! Yet, you did not demand proof from Lynn Wood, General Flynn, Sidney Powell and all the others working on this same team!
    Doug, you not only threw Maria under the bus, but thousands of your listeners who trusted you. Fortunately, many of us know what she is saying is the truth and we realize that any kind of written or audio or video proof of what she has uncovered could endanger her, her team and their operation! We are “intellectually mature ” enough to understand this simple truth!
    We have found other reputable sources to follow Nations in Action, General McInerney, Phillipi Arugillier and Maria.
    Again – you owe this “dear friend” of yours a huge apology and there are many people who will now think twice before we hop on any of your future bandwagons!