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  1. Diann T Read

    I grew up in northern Utah, though I live in Texas now. I’m sorry the Salt Lake Tribune harassed all of you but I’m not surprised. It’s always been a liberal rag. I wish I could’ve been there!

  2. Cheryl Riege

    Real hope for Nevada. Lived there 12 years. Father was plant manager of Hawthorne Army Depot for fourteen years. Know a lot of good people back there. Galynn Spriggs, former Christian assemblywoman of Nevada was a good friend. Our kids married each other. Just saying, big investment in that state and concerns. Now, there is hope. I am praying for Joey to be elected as governor. I am also spreading the word to all my friends and relation back there.

  3. Pamela Roberts-Reynolds

    Just found you!! Enjoy your time with Simon Parkes and Joey Gilbert. My husband and I had the jab in February (PhiI) What do we do now that this stuff is in us? Is anyone thinking of those of us who are over 75 and was told we HAD to do this… we believed we were doing the right thing. Help!!??? PRR