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  1. John Sarber

    I am disappointed in Doug’s throwing previous guests under the bus because of their views after he himself had agreed with their points of view. Please don’t turn into a hypocrite Doug.

  2. Susan

    Thank you Doug for your hard work and never-ending pursuit for the truth and justice for every freedom loving American.

  3. Krecia

    Dr. Keyes thank you for always being a voice among the few who speak truth with wisdom…

  4. Patrick Merritt

    He is spot on….we need more people like him.

  5. paul brabant

    Dr Keyes is always so well thought out. Not elected because of honesty and intellect. will never forget his debate with Barbara Mikulski. She had no idea what he was talking about as she was as dumb as a stick

  6. Elizabeth Dick

    Doug – What has happened to Maria Zack?? We all fell in love with her and her group who had proof of Obama’s crimes and was getting investigated in Italy! This was so big and gave us so much hope! Now you are only admiring Karen Kingston as the most intelligent woman you have ever encountered! Please clear this up for the fans you have left and are wondering what is the truth?

  7. Vickie Skelley

    Joe Biden is a very evil person….and his soul is black. I pity him on judgement day. He is just showing what is in his heart. Evil. He stole that white house seat and he is a murderer and a fork tongued liar.