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  1. Debra

    This is so disgusting.
    Fauci makes Dr. Mangela look like a nice guy.
    I also read today the Governor of NV. was hoarding HCQ. It was supposedly for the prisons, but not one inmate got Covid.
    I keep hearing people calling for Fauci’s firing. So he can ride off into the sunset with all his ill gotten goods?
    He needs to be tried for treason.

  2. Andrea Copenhaver

    Make your videos shareable

  3. Heralady

    Did the media in Germany ever publish Hitler’s agenda? Or final solution?

    Why would they ever publish F ….uchi?

  4. Jeannie J LeFrancois

    This is not the half of it. The vaccine roll out is going to kill 95-100% vaccinated in 24-36 months post Vaccination! >60% of the adult population in US has been vaccinated.

    Look up March 2021 Geert Vanden Boccshe urgent letter to UN

    April 2021 Dr Michael Yeaden Retired 12/2020 VP Pfizer, Pulmonology & Immunology

    May 2021 Luc Montagnier French Nobel Peace Prize winner for discovery of HIV 1980’s.

    We have to stop the vaccination.

  5. Judith Rice

    Just as Hitler set out to kill Jews and others, Fauci and the Dems set out to kill/cripple Americans. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to make America Socialist!

  6. ursula

    It would be our dream to join you, Doug, at this conference. Unfortunately, the distance is too big. God bless your country. If you go down so will the rest of the world. You and your guests are our heroes and I pray for your safety.

  7. Diane Price

    Thank you for all the research and keeping Patriots informed🇺🇸❤️

  8. Cindy Miles

    Ever since last spring when I found out HCQ was taken off the market, I KNEW something nefarious was going on! I probably didn’t get as mad as you would think with this interview only because I have spent the entire last year researching what has really been going. Aside from the content of the Fauci emails, everything mentioned lined up with my own findings. Its’ been HELL living through these diabolical mandates. I’m a teacher. My poor students had to be masked the entire day. We had to wear them outdoors as well. I was SO angry all year long because I KNEW what a scam this was and still is. I tried to tell so many people about what I knew, but it seemed nobody wanted to believe me or they thought I was off my rocker. I obtained HCQ through Frontline Doctors months ago and have taken Vitamins C,D, Zinc, Quercetin, and Elderberry for over a year. The study that was used to debunk HCQ (which got national attention) and prove its non-effectiveness was not used with zinc. It doesn’t work without it! It took months before the study was finally pulled. All the lies, scare tactics, forced business closinsg, loss of lives due to suicide, substance abuse, and the like have been massive crimes against humanity. All blue state governors who perpetuated this and made their citizens suffer are treasonous liars and deserve what I hope is coming to them. I live in AZ, and our RINO governor is just as suspect. I pray for this nation every day. I also pray for people to wake up! I am so angry about the brainwashing, the sheeple our media made out of so many Americans, and the fact that they just CANNOT seem to let this narrative drop! I and two other teachers are the only ones who refused the vaccine in our entire school staff. Now, we have to hope we don’t get “found out.” I will leave my job if this experimental jab is mandated, a job I love more than anything as well as colleagues and precious students. I pray that something turns around over the summer. My biggest fear is that we are told to provide vaccination proof to get out of wearing a mask which does nothing, anyhow, except give you a headache and affect your breathing. I keep wondering if there’s any way to prove my HCQ is as effective as a vaccine? My son had COVID already and I didn’t social distance with him or wear a mask. I never got even a sniffle. Thanks for this amazing interview! I already shared it to a number of people and will keep doing so.

  9. Fred Spencer Taylor

    I have been OUTRAGED from the beginning, having followed Dr. Simone Gold. The collusion to shut down the terepeutics that worked is criminal. And furthermore, the AMA is also culpable. I asked my trusted local doctor what he’s doing about Covid. His response was “I tell the patient to quarantine at home for two weeks. If [IF!!!] they get sick, we put them into the hospital with Remdesivir. THAT’S MEDICAL MALPRACTISE!!!

  10. Shelley Goe

    Hi Doug! I think Joey was going to email you his documentation, so you could like it here for us. I’m still trying to wake my husband and adult kids up, and I think this might help.

  11. Frank Greco


  12. Mark Halley

    Faucci should have his medical license revoked for failing to uphold his first duty as a physician to “do no harm”.

  13. Carrie

    Most of us here knew this was happening but it is disgusting to read the words in Dr F’s emails!
    Where is the justice? Why can’t the American people see justice?

    So disheartening!

  14. Justin Griffin

    Genocide pure and simple…firing squad for all connected.

  15. Mary Andrade

    If Fauci was a Republican, he’d be in jail already!

  16. Sandra

    He killed my mother.
    She was in a nursing home.
    Only 71 years old.
    She had to die in the hospital scared and alone.
    They told me she was there for pneumonia, next we knew they wrote “covid-19” on her death certificate.
    I really wonder.

  17. Scott Markham

    I’ve been posting about how FAUCI knew before the PLANDEMIC. Also back in 2010 an article I saw from the Rockefeller memo about the PLANDEMIC being put out as fiction. But once you read it you’ll shit your pants on how it sounds like Today !


    How do we get a copy of this information? This is completely, disgusting and needs to be shared.

  19. Chris K

    Wow, what damaging information to hear. Those who knew and were involved Worldwide need to be charged with the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. I feel sick hearing this.

  20. Patricia Francis

    Fauci should have a public hanging. All his assets should be turned over to the people.

  21. Camille Bood

    The painting of the horsemen is beautiful. Such a good video. Thank you. Very revealing but already knew most of this info and it confirms all. We will keep praying.

  22. Cliff miller

    Doug go to , you will see that the military tribunals are taking care of these criminals with Trump’s blessings!