Dr. Simone Gold – The Right Side with Doug Billings, 4-27-2021

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 28, 2021
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  1. Steff

    I am trying to get on her website.
    Interestingly, google will not allow me to find it! I type in AFLD (full words being used) and all I see are articles against their group and wikipedia one sided descriptions, please if someone can post her actual address so I can get it!
    If someone wants to reinforce how this system tries to falsify facts, restrict us from reaching the groups we want to find.

  2. Robynn

    Great Interview with Maria Zack.

  3. Michael Marler

    Tell Steff to try DuckDuckoGo, Google is in cahoots with The Deep State. CANT TRUST THEM.

  4. Cliff Harris

    access to your programs are ESSENTIAL to truth seekers.
    Access to you and your guests brings the information we need to hear, challenge us, and forces us to think through information we do not get, or exposed anywhere else.
    Introduction to your guests and their information has been extremely useful and valuable, particularly over the last week with Maria Zack, Simon Parkes, and today’s speaker Dr. Simone Gold.
    Thank you.

  5. Lynn Siudym

    Live your show Doug

  6. Ginger Vincent

    Thank you for this Doug. I appreciate your hard work. God bless you.

  7. Anne Peters

    In Canada we have a Graphic designer as the Health Minister and a substitute drama teacher as a PM. Both say all the information on HCQ and Vit D from doctors and scientists is ” Fake News”. They went on to say we should trust them and only listen to them!

  8. Anne Peters

    Gates has 4 children ! He has said he is a GOD! What more do you need to know about this idiotic retarded inbred elite?

  9. Chuck Porter

    What about when seeking a job and you won’t be considered because you will not get the injections? Can a potential employer discriminate against you for not getting those injections.

  10. Deana L Daniel

    Thank you for Dr. Simone Gold’s interview. Informative. Thank you, Doug.

  11. Aimee lighty

    What a great show, keep it up Doug

  12. jerry Youngblutt

    So, are we saying Trump’s administration denied existing treatments or did the Deep State portion of the government block these treatments so they could force a deadly vaccine on us? If the latter is true, then I understand why Trump rushed to get an experimental vaccine out although it came with collateral damage.

  13. Cathy Taylor

    Great show with Dr. Gold. Thank you

  14. Elizabeth Raney

    Thank you so much for this video and Dr. Simone Gold. My daughter is in her last year at Chico State and they are making a mandate of the shot in order to return to school. I am absolutely against it. I am so upset over this and am looking forward to calling and talking to their legal team. Again many thanks. Sincerely, Elizabeth Raney

  15. Elizabeth Raney

    Thank you so much for this video and Dr. Simone Gold. My daughter is in her last year at Chico State and they are making a mandate of the shot in order to return to school. I am absolutely against it. I am so upset over this and am looking forward to calling and talking to their legal team. Again many thanks. It is so much appreciated. Sincerely, Elizabeth Raney

  16. Rosemarie F Newton, JD, PhD

    You are to be congratulated. The interview of Doug with Dr Simone Gold is fabulous. I need to be able to find a full copy of the interview without the
    commercial interruptions. Where can we locate a copy without commercials?

  17. Debbie Niemeyer

    I fast forward through the commercials!!

  18. Pam smith

    Excellent information by Dr Simone, thank you this needs to go national

  19. S

    Do your research…this is not anything like a normal vaccine. Even people who did not take it are apparently being negatively affected by being in proximity to those who did…there are way too many things that don’t add up at all. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark. Look up Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Breggin, Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Madej as well as researching Dr. Gold. It wasn’t about the virus, it was always about the “vaccine” IMO. Look up The Georgia Guidestones. Pray.

  20. bill

    great show with dr gold

  21. Patti McCullough

    Dr. Simone Gold is an American hero. I have followed her ever since she spoke out so bravely on the Supreme Court Steps about hydroxychloroquine. What the government did to her, and her former employer firing her, should tell everyone all you need to know about the coverup about COVID and the vaccine. Follow the money. With the left, it is ALWAYS about the money. Dr. Fauci has such a corrupt background in bed with the Wuhan Lab in China. He insults my intelligence. My daughter is very involved in fighting her school board against masks on children. My 4 YO preschooler grandchild did not have to wear a mask at 4, but when she turned 5, she had to begin wearing a mask, IN THE SAME CLASSROOM with the 4 YO. How does this make sense to anyone adult? IT IS INSANE. I am so furious my grandchildren are in masks, 5, 10 and 12. But my daughter got an MD waiver for her kids who started this week mask-free in their class, and presented the Governor’s mandate (NC) that you cannot ask what the medical reason is. Dr. Gold points out the ADA lists MANY reasons one would be exempt from mask wearing, including anxiety and panic, which DID happen to my 10 YO granddaughter. I believe this will start a movement and as Dr. Gold says, WE MUST stand up to this tyranny and violation of our Constitutional Rights. Children in masks makes ZERO sense with being at 0.0093% risk of getting COVID. STOP THE INSANTIY NOW. Support Dr. Gold’s web site. Thank you Dr. Gold for all that you are doing in these crazy times and thank you Doug Billings for your shows. They are wonderful and so helpful to know what is going on in this country with a brain-dead media.