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  1. Mary Eisvang

    Order is the first Law of the Universe. In the beginning God’s first task was to create order out of chaos. Anything that seeks to disrupt that order is anti-God.

  2. Patricia Pellarin

    I always look forward to hear your( truth) daily news! I trust your integrity, intelligence and honesty in a corrupt, sad world.

  3. Jeannie LeFrancois

    I wish someone could make something to prevent your glasses from fogging up. Responding to your ad

  4. keith brown

    Amen sir. Love your boldness and honesty.

  5. Connie Killgrove

    More info needs to be shown to all Americans regarding the vaccines, they are killing people. I am sharing wherever I can.
    General McInerney Sounds The Alarm: Do NOT Take The Vaccine! Podcast needs to be sent out.

  6. Connie Killgrove

    People ask what can we do, we’ll the power comes from God and his People. We must stand up and get the truth out there to everyone. Open up the churches, look what Pastor Locke is doing. God help America, please 🙏🏼.

  7. Carolyn Puga

    I’m always looking for TRUTH in news and I’ve seen Rumble and now ran across this. . .hopefully together we can get our country back on track. .

  8. Camille Bood

    God bless you sir.

  9. Beth

    Amen Selah

  10. Beth

    As Scott McKay says..the Khazarian Mafia or as Mark Taylor calls out the Luciferian NWO Agenda… these sons of darkness who practice evil.
    Almost all of these shooters are MK Ultra’d orchestrated false flags created scenarios to cause death and destruction. Obama has now replaced
    Soros as ‘Phoenix’ in their Luciferian agenda according to Jesse Czebotar who has exited from the Luciferian cult.

  11. Celia Wall

    I love your fear not of calling it like it is. Love your style.

  12. Tomek

    How come the border with Canada is not open

  13. Ralph Ronzino

    I pray that Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward, Juan O Savin, Mel K, etc. are correct about the fall of the cabal. Thank you for bringing truth and real information. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Susie

    I worked with parents to help their children in Ca who were muslim. I was personally attacked and my superintendent and Principal told me to shut up when I went to here complaining of these threats to me. She should me e-mails same father sent her and Superintendant were sent threatening them if they did‘n’t pray to their god they would be cursed. This was in 2010. Our schools leaders were afraid of getting sued. So they remained silent what idiots. I am sorry but that is oxymoron if you ask me. They became embolden because they were not held to account as our LORD’S word says in Heb 4: 13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from GOD’S sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of HIM to whom we are held to account. We must put our LORD’S word into practice.
    That’s what our LORD tells us to do in HIS word not be afraid HE has given us power and authority to do mighty things move mountains because HE resides in us as HIS children once we except the gift of Salvation the free gift of eternal LIFE. From HIM our LORD in heaven.
    Susie ( A Prayer WARRIOR )

  15. Kalena

    Hello and happy Friday,

    I was just wondering if anybody else has problems with the videos freezing up? Sometimes they start up again and this goes on and off but other times when it does start up again one can clearly see you Doug talking but there’s no audio. This seems to be a common occurrence as in almost daily. I live in Anchorage Alaska and not sure if that would be part of the equation but I’m guessing not.

    Love your thought process and patriotism and pray almost daily for our country but sadly I also pray that corruption will be brought to light and punished

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Kalena,
      If you’re using Apple Safari… That’s the problem. Download Chrome and that will clear it up.

  16. Judith K Rice


  17. Judy Morris

    Did you notice that when Trump became president, the mass killings STOPPED? Yes, there were none, the last was at the school in Florida. Now here we go again, innocent, peaceful, American citizens are being sacrificed to the Demo/Commie agenda to take away our right to have and carry guns. Someone is in charge of the program, must be. Otherwise how was it so quickly and completely ended under Trump? Who is that person?

  18. Pravesh Ulrich Stadter

    Thank you, man! Such clear words are very much necessary now, for the whole world.
    Dear greetings from Germany

    • Dbillingusr

      Hello Pravesh,
      Thank you for your support.
      Cheers to you and all in Germany!

  19. Elizabeth Dick

    Biden and his ilk MUST GO!!!! Get them out!!!!!!! We are praying for General Flynn , Sidney Powell and Mike Lindel that they will continue their crusade! We need our President Trump back in the leadership of our country! And God bless Simon Parkes and his organization to help the victims of human trafficking!

  20. Michael

    So my questions are, why the hell is he still alive??????
    And why was he taken alive????

    • Dbillingusr

      Better to be taken alive an put in jail for the rest of his life.
      Death is too easy for him.

  21. Bruser

    Like your shows Doug. But, they are not the democratic party. NOTHING democratic about them. They are the democrat party. Please use the proper term & tell your other podcasters to do the same. Language matters.

    • Dbillingusr

      Right on, Bruser! That’s why I call them, repeatedly, the Commusocialist party. And they are no longer an American political party.

  22. Gabriel Mosor

    Here in Romania, we look forward to President Trump returning in power, a.s.a.p., so that my country can hope to end the chaos that haunts it, because of the president and the globalist government, that is leading it at the moment. But first, the mother ship must be destroyed.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hello Gabriel,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this message.
      Cheers to you and all in Romania.

  23. Zachary Bergen

    Please contact me regarding a contact who is THE leading Islamic Terror expert and has written a book on the subject. He has been briefing the FBI and law enforcement about the signs of Jihad in the US for years. I can get his information to you. I live down the street from the King Soopers grocery store where the shooting occurred. My friends and folks in our neighborhood knew some of the victims. It is near and dear and I think it’s important to have my friend on the show. I also emailed you via the ‘Contact’ link on your page. I work with the military and was nominated by a Special Agent of the FBI to attend the FBI Citizens Academy in 2018. I learned much from that experience and am privy intel reports as part of I look forward to speaking with you Doug.

  24. Diann Read

    I live in Houston. Here’s a short video from Gov. Abbott about the steps he’s taking at the border. It’s called Operation Lone Star.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas on Memorial Day weekend.

  25. RJ

    Eastern time 11am cannot watch it. WAY TOO slow.

  26. Eileen McMullin, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Great show !

    Thank you for speaking the Truth. People need to hear this and wake up.

    Thank you for calling it “like it is”, without fear. More people need to be brave like you.

  27. Betsy

    Oh and yes, CommieLa Harris wants to abolish ICE. We have a pretender in the pretend WH that wants us to become a third world country and cares more for peoples of other countries than the people of this country. They stole the election to cause chaos and evil in our country. BUT, God is in control, not them. Truth will win out over evil and God did not intend for us to be wimps. He intended for us to STAND for truth, and not be afraid to speak up and get involved.

  28. Fred

    Keep up the good fight Doug. God bless you.

  29. Fred

    Thanks for telling it straight !

    • Dbillingusr

      Thank, Fred!
      Cheers, brother.