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  1. Camille Bood

    One of the best shows you have done yet!! Thank you for your wisdom. You are truly a man of God. My heart is so encouraged by your words on the second half of the show. Of course Gen. Flynn was awesome.

  2. Elizabeth Dick

    Thank you Doug for your encouraging words. I know that you hold your faith in great regard. Something to help is all are the words of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima and Medjugorje – She has promised us that in the end – Her Immacualte Heart would triumph! Such great comfort and and words of faith!

  3. Linda

    Wishing you congratulations Doug ! Many blessings for the both of you ! Thank you for your determination to stand for the good of America! General Flynn you are a great Patriot, fight like you do best !

  4. Carrie Stricker

    The most god-loving and inspirational event I have ever attended. We have your back and General Flynn’s back on this. WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

  5. Nadia Vladi

    Marxists are very afraid.

  6. Donna Gwin

    Hi Doug
    Enjoyed finally meeting you & your beautiful fiancé in person in Dallas at God & Country Patriot Round Up. Was a Spectacular Top Shelf Event. John & Amy did an Amazing Job putting it all together in a very First Class, Grand Way. I would however like to call you attention to something I feel is extremely important & hopefully an oversight that can & should be rectified. Please check for my email.
    Thank you
    Donna Gwin

  7. Capt. Richard Arlington Briggs Jr

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and your “Bride Elect!”
    I was there, part of the security team.
    We. Got. This.
    Cheers, Capt. Rick.

  8. Nairobi Nosbig

    Should we expect anything less from the Demon filled media? That Giant wheel is almost to the cliff… keep letting them roll!

  9. D J Davis

    Great interview with the General. He is a real truth-teller. Doug, if and when you have Maria Zack back on I’d like you to ask her how the Italy story fits together with Mike Lindell’s China story. This has me baffled and no one seems to be talking about it.

  10. Tim Middleton

    Hi Doug Just remember that the MAGA movement is echoed all around the World. The playbook is the same. It is a Global onslaught. And USA is leading us all out of it. The whole World must change. Slavery, child trafficking, fixed elections, looting and corruption. And as you say so rightly, there is no dignity in “Free Stuff”. Africa is a mess and some of our world billionaires have plied their evil trade here and continue like Dr Mengele.
    And some of these are US citizens.
    This is a fight for the Planet Earth and do not for one minute forget the rest of us. We are with you, in lockstep, fighting just as hard for Justice and Truth.

  11. Dave Walker

    Flynn is traitor. He called for a coup/overthrow of the US democracy and Constitution. It’s on video. Lock him up already!