Exclusive Pt 2 of Lin Wood & Maria Zack Plus Ann Vandersteel

Exclusive! Part 2 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack Plus: Ann Vandersteel


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18 replies on “Exclusive! Part 2 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack Plus: Ann Vandersteel”

  • Alessandra Ruiz says:

    Its a good thing to get involved locally. Whoever can..SHOULD..

  • andrea Herrera says:

    really great show. great guests and you keep us going. gracias

  • gamaliel immanuel says:

    fox news hanity / tucker did they know this about italian gate?

  • Cliff says:

    Broadcasts are ALWAYS informative, truthful, factual, complete with names and involvement from substantial guests and moderated with those involved in the basics that have formed the greatest democracy in history with the greatest documents of the United States Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, complete with the attitude and assimilation of the culture that has formed this great country from it’s inception. Thank you.

    Great broadcast today, Lin Wood, Maria Zack, & Vandersteel.

    Thank you!

  • Norman Melvin says:

    Anthony Sullivan ad is so artificial. Hopefully you can find a more realistic way to promote the product.

  • Matt Smith says:

    Will the event in Dallas be recorded or filmed? I’d love to hear/watch it.

  • Cathy Taylor says:

    Powerful show thank you Doug!

  • GaPeach says:

    How do we “rebuild” this country when every aspect of our government is corrupt! We are not going to get FAIR ELECTIONS in a RIGGED ELECTION SYSTEM (with rigged voting machines). We cannot get in decent POLITICAL people if it’s rigged and on a State
    Level our Governor’s, Secretary of States etc are corrupt and controlling WHO GETS ELECTED. MEANWHILE, democrats and Biden are opening our boarder to illegals who’ll 🗳democrat, Stacking SCOTUS, in process of taking our #2A, headed in aWar due to our money is about to crash & we always go to war (DeepState money maker), we have a propaganda media that 59% of Americans believe.I don’t see anything positive in America’s future more like heading to a NAZI GERMANY type country w likes of ANTIFA who is exactly set up like BrownShirts at beginning of Hitler’s blood reign

  • Sue Wright says:

    Google and DuckDuckGo will not allow nationsinaction.org to be accessed. I had a go to Italy-did-it.com to get to Maria’s page. Great show as always. I have shared all three videos with friends.

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Hi Mike – Maria and Lin Woods interviews were wonderful and have given us so much hope that our President Trump will be back leading us soon!
    Doug, I know that you are a devout Catholic. That said, I feel that you should refer to Our Lady of Fatima’s messages which are so vital and truly in line with all that is going on! Mrs. Trump is very devoted to Our Lady. At the RNC, they ended the night with a beautiful rendition of the Ave Maria! Our Lady had also returned and has reminded us of Her messages at Medjugorje! Even the Mother of our Savior has come to remind us what we must do most of all to return to Her Son!

  • Mike Lee says:

    I have been combing the internet for credible NON-mainstream media sources. Both you and Flash Point (on the Victory Channel) are the cream of the crop. Your coverage and that of your guest speakers is credible information and based in eternal spiritual truths. We are thankful in how the Holy Spirit is working through you.

  • Sharon Corey says:

    Lin Wood is talking about projection and this is a common trait of Narcissistic people and it is very obvious that the Democrats in DC along with the mainstream media all have this personality disorder.

  • Joe says:

    Too many commercials. Close to the wrong side.

  • Camille Bood says:

    Who are the Americans who are selling these properties because they are part of the problem.

  • Dasa Vinayaga says:

    Love your show Doug…please interview Anna von Reitz, a brilliant woman who is clarifying what the DS has done to the law to treat us like indentured slaves and how each American can take back his/her sovereignty. She is the real deal.

  • Joni B. Jones says:

    Love your show!
    One thing I wish more people would discuss more of is the FEMA Camps.

    They’re very relevant. 7/26/20 the CDC put out an article re: “Humanitarian Considerations” about color coding risk zones & if you’re high risk in a high risk zone, even if you don’t have Covid, you go to a camp “for your own protection “.

    We’re seeing the C-19 numbers be ALLOWED to drop right now. But, as we all know the jab hijacks your immune system.

    What I see happening is when cold & flu season comes back around, vaccinated people will drop like flies. This will create a mass chaos & panic. I believe “they” will take that opportunity to blame the non-vaxed as being responsible for spreading C-19 & killing the vaxed & THAT is when, in the chaos they will quickly begin rounding people up & taking them to Concentration Camps.

    I STRONGLY feel we need to be chattering about this EVERYWHERE. If we’re all expecting it, they can’t blind side us. If we see it coming a mile away, their plan won’t work.

    All of you from Lin Wood to Scott McKay who has HUGE followings need to be talking about this with all your interviews so as man Americans see it as possible.

  • Margaret M Granville says:

    Mr. Billings, I just want to thank you and everyone you invite to your show, for what you do.