Exclusive! Part 3 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 14, 2021

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Exclusive! Part 1 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack, plus Latest news of the day on The Right Side with Doug Billings
Maria Zack is back to discuss the global cabal of the theft and fraud of an American presidential election. She joins The Right Side With Doug Billings for an depth look at the people and events in the United States and Italy with regards to the largest election scandal in history.
Today is a "best of" show with the full Maria Zack interview as Doug is in Tulsa.
Doug's exclusive interview with Lin Wood and Maria Zack discussing election fraud and how to overturn a stolen election. Plus, comments from Ann Vandersteel on news of the day.

The Right Side with Doug Billings exclusive interview with Lin Wood and Maria Zack, this is part 3 of 4. Plus: Clay Clark!

Today is part 1 of Doug's interview with Ron Freeman, on the Myth of America's Racism.

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  1. afr malatesta

    Thank you to this channel and the guests

  2. andrea Herrera

    wonderful advocate. may God bless and keep her. what craziness they are trying to do.

  3. Robin James

    Mr. Billings,
    Thank you for being such a Patriot! Unfortunately, my local BEK tv station has pulled your program this week in North Dakota, it must mean that you are over the target. So congratulations! Love your show. I have been enjoying the series with Lin Wood and Maria Zack.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Robin, Thank you so much for the tip-off. I am unaware of this. Could you let me know what city in North Dakota you are in and specifically which affiliate? That would be extremely helpful. Again, thank you for your support! Doug

  4. John Zimmerman

    Another good show Doug. Thank you for your wit and humor as well. Keep the truth coming!

  5. Lori McCaffrey

    Thank you for your straight forward truth and common sense. We need more of that in our country.
    I too am not going to get the vaccine for the reasons you listed…but each person can make that decision for themselves however I will not stand by and let our government tell me my grandchildren will be vaccinated without their parents consent.
    Thank you for being the voice of truth.

  6. Joe

    Too many commercials.
    I’m done.

  7. Kevin Stafford

    If you’re not an anti-vaxxer, you’re an idiot. If you allowed your kids to get any vaccine, you are obviously Satanic! You’re a criminal!!! May God have mercy on your soul!

  8. Sandra R Wolf

    You must get this information to the lady who spoke before the Board of Education in Orange county please! The experimentation did not end with Nuremberg trials because they were not put to death. She needs to read “Operation Paperclip” written by Annie Jacobsen.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Wolf

  9. Adam

    This needs to be rectified – this election fraud and destruction of Liberty.

    I don’t consider myself conservative or liberal – so-called liberalism now is not even proper liberalism. Those who would have called themselves liberals were supposedly against authoritarianism – now ‘liberals’ are pushing monstrous authoritarianism; we have this virus fraud and imposing on others personal health and liberty, a push for an Orwellian global government, the ruin of the sovereignty of this country with the attack on its borders, and a blatant criminal fraud of an election and more.

    And we have unresolved issues that hang over this country – such as the 911 incident; which the people of this country should be ashamed to let go unanswered, when an obvious conspiracy lies behind the deaths of countless people and a succession of laws and events have led to where we are to this very day. Such as the so-called PATRIOT ACT.

    These globalists have been at work for a very long time, and both of these parties have been tools to destroy this country. I believe in the Constitution – plain and simple. Something must be done to stop this.

  10. Michelle Blake

    The elephant in the room that we’re avoiding is – – – Where did “Gain of Function” research come from? It came from the same people who helped pass abortion into law…. we seem 2 forget about Project Paper Clip that intentionally mis-identified NAZI scientist as “Not War Criminal’s” so we could use them 4 their research! – Creating the OSS/ that later became CIA!
    Its exactly what FBI’s lawyer (Kliensmith) did 2 alter doc’s against Carter Page so they could spy on Trump – Obviously this became their mode of operation 4 the long term –
    Learning about all the damn fraud we’ve been living under 4 decade’s is truly outrageous : (