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  1. Kathryn Punnett

    I am looking at sheriff Macks work going across America educating local county sheriffs about the oath they take to uphold the constitution. He would be an amazing guest on your show… I am certain you and he would hit it off perfectly.. I believe that Charlie Ward has had him on his show now too…

    Thanks for all you do Doug!

    Warm Regards,

  2. Elsa Litchfield

    Hi Doug. Love your show and the guests you have on. I know you mentioned that you don’t boycot. I think it’s a very powerful way to deal with the onslought of “entertainment” that we don’t want. I have “fired” my cable company, thrown out the CDs of singers who slam my President and refused to watch films with actors or directors who do the same. I refuse to give one dime of my hard-earned money toward any of these. In my opinion, donating any money or attention to these gives them support and encouragement to keep it up. If all like minded consumers did that, sooner or later we will have more and more people who fund and produce entertainment that we actually want to see. So happy to know about Vicki O’Brian and others who are actively doing something to change the face of what has become an openly debauched industry. Thank you.

  3. William Wood

    I have seen similar interviews and videos showing the depths of depravity and vulgarity in disney programming before. The country is going through some tuff issues right now but at least the Light of Truth is blaring down on these satanic institutions that are brainwashing our children. They would be better off with a millstone tied around their necks. I believe there is a special place in hell for those that hurt God’s little ones.

  4. Jeannie LeFrancois

    You &Vicky O’Brien
    I disagree, all the Disney films don’t have tradition family values emulated in scenes.

    Disney may or may not be doing some of these things, you spoke with

  5. Jeannie LeFrancois

    You &Vicky O’Brien
    I disagree, all the Disney films don’t have tradition family values emulated in scenes.

    Disney may or may not be doing some of these sex explicit things, you spoke about, but many traditional stories have these elements written in the story.

    I have seen many of the examples she showed. The one about “the Illuminati” I had not scene.

    However, look at the advertisement industry. Bill boards on with with sexually explicit advertising, Traditional family values, be damned ruthlessly.

    We have nuclear society. We don’t grow up multigenerational homes.

    There are actors in the industry, Now whe

  6. Lora L Bowman

    Why don’t we pray together, like along with you or a guest?
    Thanks Doug, love your work.
    Patriot from Michigan.

  7. Russ Mills

    This crime against humanity has got to be exposed on all levels and dealt with. It has been ignored for too long.
    Thank you Doug and Vicki for discussing this horrific topic. This must be exposed and steps taken to stop the abuse.

  8. Melanie Cruz

    Hello Doug and Vicki 😊

  9. David Brown

    I am completely on board with all you do, but when you denigrate Freemasons and misrepresent who they are and what they do, you go way too far. You are speaking out of ignorance. It is not right to paint people and organizations with such a broad brush. When despotic regimes moved to exert their control over the social order, not only did the regimes move to dissolve the influence of the church, they also dissolved the Masonic Fraternity. Why? Because Freemasonry teaches Biblical principles that encourages equality, unity and harmony within society. The very unity and harmony that despotic regimes needed to destroy. They do this while pointing a finger at the organization, accusing them of the very characteristic they themselves are guilty of. If one does their research with a bias, they will interpret the information they find with that same bias. An unbiased research of Freemasonry will demonstrate that it has always been a promoter of connecting humanity with the Divine!! Their positive influence in Western Civilization is remarkable. Have there been nefarious people who are Freemasons? Absolutely. But the same is true of nefarious people who have been Christians. However, it is not fair to paint the entire organization because of the poor decisions of individuals. Please stop making generalizations that denigrate good members of our society.

  10. Anna Hoying

    Thank you for speaking up about Christianity! I am also Catholic & don’t like the way other hosts refer to Catholics as bad Christians. I agree that there are some Catholics who are not very Christian, but there are people who say they are born again & don’t act like it either. We are all sinners. Let’s all repent & live the way God would have us live! And make this world a better place & clean out the swamp! Thanks Doug for all you do!

  11. Cindie Dayton

    Thanks so much for all you and your team do to get this information out. 🙏🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸