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  1. Edie Lacy

    God bless this man for being a brave & mighty voice for the unborn. And to come against what Biden and the Catholic Church has allowed. So powerful!
    Praying for his protection as he fights for what God stands for…..the sanctity of life!

  2. Julie A Flynn

    Sure wish all our Priests would get off the bus.

  3. David Harnish

    Very well said!

  4. David Harnish

    Very Well said.

  5. Bill Busselle

    It’s true, when it’s time to confront evil, most people fail to act(get off the bus).

  6. Cathy Petersen

    Bravo Father Billy Kosko!

  7. Cathy Petersen

    Bravo Father Billy Kosko!

  8. Odette

    I am a Roman Catholic. I am simply shocked at his courage and gumption.We need more politically incorrect priests like him.May his tribe increase.God bless

  9. Charles L Miketinac

    Bravo, Father Billy. Love is the way brother.

  10. Pastor Carole Anne

    Made me weep, much needed from and of ALL if us who ‘say’ we are believers in Christ, . . . . made me weep in shame. Fire fall afresh on us amen

  11. Kim

    Hello from north queensland Australia.
    Its snowing here too.
    Complacent people who are willing to exchange their principles for comfort., knowing it comes at the cost of others.
    I think the demons have possessed our leaders, they are so cruel. Their eyes are black!

  12. Bob Halpin

    This was very good,but according to the Bible sin is sin.1cor. 5 tells us the steps to take! I will leave it at that.

  13. Brooke

    Yes, we ALL need to get off the bus and stop looking through the window as sheep. God Bless Fr Kosko and the unborn

  14. San Hodges

    Pastor Billy, thank you for reminding us and we pray for your strength to Wake us all up! Romans 3:23. It is only through Jesus Christ that we will be saved. May God protect you and strengthen you to continue to speak Gods truth and glory!

  15. Vickie

    This is the best sermon I have ever heard! How do I share this?

  16. Katie Arnau

    AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! AND ALLELULIA!!!! GOD BLESS YOU FR. BILLY!! We need more of you good Priests and leaders in the Christian faith to STAND UP with us and fight for the unborn and the newly born who have a RIGHT TO THEIR LIFE!!! May our Good God keep you safe so you may speak on a larger platform – perhaps open at one of Trump’s Rallies!!! Miracles will happen when the unborn and newly born are protected!
    Thank you for your voice !
    God bless you!
    [Thank you and God bless you Doug for giving this passionate man of God a platform on your show.]

  17. Patricia

    Wow. Should be in every church around the world

  18. Heather M Elizalde

    Thank you, Doug Billings, for presenting this. It was VERY POWERFUL!! I am not of the Catholic faith. Nor am I a person of any Organized Religion. Throughout my years, I have tried MULTIPLE times to be a part of MANY churches. Unfortunately, they have ALL failed me!! How? The HYPOCRISY of either the Clergy or the people of the Church…or BOTH!! However, I am Spiritual. I do thank the many different churches I have attended for opening my eyes, as well as giving me the ability to begin my own search for truth!! I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and was Baptized within the church. I agree that unless, as Spiritual beings, we do not believe in the FIRST STEP of the sanctity of LIFE there is nothing else that really matters beyond that!! There may be many reasons that the Pro Choice “believe” to justify abortion. But, they are all reasons of THIS world!! There is absolutely NO reason that is justified when one believes in the life and teachings of our Lord!! Until more people return, or begin, to search for God our country (and our world) is doomed!! PERIOD!! Thank you again for sharing this video!!

  19. Christina Swiatek

    Doug, Thank you so much for sharing this, and thank you to the Father Billy Kosko for delivering this powerful message. Abortion has become an accepted norm in our culture. It should NOT be. We must stand together, and stand strong on this issue!

  20. Dan

    God Bless you Father Billy. Please keep up the fight

  21. Kim Hale

    Thank you Father for this sermon. I wish every Catholic Church would play this for every service.
    Thank you!
    God Bless you!

  22. KC Sprague

    Psm 115:16–Heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’s, but the earth He has given to the children of men. Our application of the authority He gave us to run this place in His absence under His direction, is our issue. It happens because we let it. My answer was “What’s my favorite Jesus story. That’s my calling and lane. Now go and do likewise”. I have, I do, and I will. But I had to get off the bus to do it. We can do this, He’ll lead it. That’s a Man of God in that church.

  23. Michael Gilliland

    I have never agreed with abortion nor am I catholic, but weeping for the love of god and the Son as to what we have become! Dear God I sorry for us all…

  24. Linda Courtney

    AWESOME!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!
    THANK YOU so very much.
    God Will bless your courage for sure.

  25. Barbara Boyle

    unbelievably moving. God bless Father…i will pass this on to many!! we Catholics need to spread it far and wide to all who will read/listen!!!
    we’ve known our bishops have been remiss in fighting for our beliefs…including our right to freedom!!! look at Fr Altman who was relieved of his priestly duties because he dared to express his opinions. shame on his bishop!!!

  26. Elaine Englert

    Thank you, Father Kosko, for speaking TRUTH about abortion. Our country will not turn around and MAKE AMERICS GREAT AGAIN until we end the scourge of abortion. I am not afraid to tell people that abortion is America’s Holocaust, only much worse! Compare the numbers and you will have to agree. Praying for you and your Godly mission.

  27. Elizabeth Dick

    I have heard Father Billy Kosko ‘s homilies and he is brave, loving and incredible! Every US citizen needs to hear and listen to Father Billy!!!

  28. Kaysette

    When truth is preached, all Christians should rejoice. Real Christians love to hear messages like this and it gives us hope.

  29. Patti

    Well said!

  30. Beth Deluca

    Thank you for speaking the truth. God will bless you greatly.

  31. Beth Deluca

    You are so right. Thank you for speaking the truth. God will bless you greatly.

  32. annette morrow


  33. Cheryl

    Amen!🙏 There is a place in Heaven for this priest. He is carrying his cross well. My priest isn’t afraid to speak the same way Pray for Father Larry as he recovers from pneumonia.

  34. Shelly

    Amen! God bless you Father Billy.

  35. Camille Bood

    We did not elect Biden. He stole the election. He is not our or God’s choice. We did not allow this to happen, the election was stolen. The American people did not allow Biden to be elected. We voted for Trump.

  36. Tom Barrett

    Finally, some courage shown by a Catholic leader. Certainly wouldn’t hear this from our Pope.

  37. Cindy Gelling Wilkinson

    I came across this months ago. He is great

  38. Jerry Kelley

    This priest is outstanding and I’m not Catholic! I just sent his sermon to a local pastor with the note, unless the American Church stand for righteousness in the public square and expose the massive corruption in our past elections, the American Church will suffer like the German Church under Hitler with further lost of our religious liberties. This priest hit on a theme in my new book. . . There are many church people seriously mistaken on their standing with Christ and will be turned away from Him at their judgment. See what Christ taught in Matthew 7:21-23

    See HBO documentary Kill Chain – The Cyber War on American’s Elections, released in March 2020, with proof electronic voting machines have wireless ICs on motherboards and also proved wirelessly hack-able at DEF CON with the ability to change votes and no one would ever know because no paper trail is left. Full forensic audits are needed now to determine election outcomes.

  39. Helen

    Outstanding!! Our Bishops need to stand up. This is our Roman Catholic Belief.

  40. Dan Sellars

    No comments? A disgusting reflection of the depth of our faith in this country! Fear has destroyed common sense…
    I am ashamed as well to see how superficial the Church has become!

  41. Patchwork Landscape

    I’ll get off the bus with you every time.

  42. Carol Jean Walters


  43. Doug Crum

    In the final days and years of this country until the good Lord comes back it is good that we have good conservative people to tell people what needs to happen and what they need prepared for need prepared for thank you so much for your show

  44. Tonya

    I’m in tears after listening to Father Kosko. I am thanking the Lord that we still have some Godly leaders willing to share the TRUTH regardless of the cost. Its also sad to know that the top 3 C19 vaccines (in the USA) use aborted fetal cells (Created from aborted fetal cell lines) in testing and research on the mRNA vaccines, and Johnson and Johnson uses the fetal cell lines in actual production of their Janssen C19 vaccine. They say its not in the vaccines, but the fact that any aborted fetal tissue is used at any point in the creation of the vaccine, wether new or old fetal tissue, is morally unacceptable as a Christian for me.

  45. Elizabeth Dick

    Father Billy is the pastor of a church very near where we used to live in Arizona. He is so great! This homily will bring you to your knees!
    After watching the remeberences of 9/11, no people including familes of victims of the attacks want Biden anywhere near Ground Zero or in Shanksville! He was boo’ed in Shanksville! At college football games all over the country this weekend, the rallying cries and chants went up saying “f..k Biden”! Most all of the citizens of this country have had their fill of this illegitmate President. People are saying “ENOUGH”!!! This must end and it must end soon or we are headed for another civil war!

  46. David Milen

    Love it! This is what should be done all over America for Catholic churches, then spreading to other faiths, and then…let the church tell those hypocritical leaders…God is in charge…and they are outcasts from God’s house! Let them know the children of God are not fulfilling their “Great Reset.” God is in charge…and the commie-socialist politicians in DC are but chaff fallen from the stalk.

  47. Madelaine Adler

    I’ve seen one of his sermons before the elections and he is not afraid to speak his mind- so refreshing to have a priest stand up for the protection of the unborn! Many bishops still are so afraid to comdem for fear of the monetary contributions to the church will stop! I read one in four women will have an abortion. That is just wrong! The pope should come out and comdem the president for his support to planned parenthood and abortion. I have lost a lot of respect for him

  48. Wayne Reeves

    I wish my LDS Church, the “Lord’s True Church” would speak out on the issue of Abortion and for that matter, ALL matters of wickedness in this manner. But no.. they desire to be “Friends of the World” and so they remain silent and we get “gentle, kindly, worthless General Conference Talks” which do nothing to bring the people to repentance. Money does strange things to people and to churches. We stand up and suddenly we find we are in poverty.

  49. Mary

    POWERFUL! It brought me to tears.

  50. Ron Witt

    I am wondering What is happening with the Election results, in Arizona and everywhere else. You had a gal on your show quite a bit, and her name escapes me, but she was very encouraging. We are not hearing anything about it. Am hoping for some kind of update. Thank you for your Hard work and Patriotism.

  51. Liz De Young

    So need the leaders of The Church to have the Spine that this parish priest has shown.

  52. Christine Whipp

    As I am not in the monastery, I say, “Thank you, Fr. Kosko.”

  53. Sandra Tucker

    Kudos for airing Fr Billy Koscos serman. Thank you. More Christians and Catholics need to hear these words.

  54. Betty Collins

    I wish i were in your parrish! !
    I have shared your homily with all my friends! We all agree with you.
    Keep up the good work!!