Georgia’s Election Law: The Truth, Plus: Part 3 of Doug’s 3-Part Interview with Simon Parkes

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 7, 2021

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Administrator Biden is using E.O.'s to take our guns, while we deal with the Commusocialists, Islamic Domestic Terrorists, and the Border Crisis. We watch Ron DeSantis expose that the Democrats are communists, and we chat with Maria Zack.

Maria Zack is back to discuss the global cabal of the theft and fraud of an American presidential election. She joins The Right Side With Doug Billings for an depth look at the people and events in the United States and Italy with regards to the largest election scandal in history.
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Exclusive! Part 1 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack, plus Latest news of the day on The Right Side with Doug Billings
CompressedCritical Race Theory plus Lindell & Parkes
In today's show, Doug outlines the danger and deception of Critical Race Theory by giving a history of its founding. Including a look at the Marxist kooks who began its evolution: Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw. Plus, we have more...Simon Parkes.

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  1. Marie Garcia

    I’m glad you didn’t (lol) say that about commercials. I know where my fast forward button is too. I love your show.

  2. Marilyn Sommer

    Here in Ohio, I’m shaking my head wondering what all the fuss over voter ID is about. In Ohio, among other states, we’ve had voter ID for many years. It really is a no brainer for honest, fair elections.

  3. EB Sims

    I like Simon, but Biden is not a clone. I think it must be different not living in the US.

  4. Laura Ann Brusca

    Thank you Doug your calm demeanor and passion really helps me feel supported in a world that is going crazy right now. I watch your show so I can have hope. I’ve been trying to speak out but I keep getting attacked with vicious words. People can be so cruel. People have lost their mind and Its literally making me feel sick. I trust more people will continue to confront the adversaries and not give up. I hope I can gain more strength. I pray that I hear good news about our country soon.

  5. Laura Ann Brusca

    Thank you Doug your calm demeanor and passion really helps me feel supported in a world that is going crazy right now.


    Doug, congrats on the promotion. One thing I notice though, what’s going on with all the editing and chopping up the vids merging together? The simple straightforward humble approach worked really well, the good questions, don’t hesitant to go to your true and tried formula that placed you on the map. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Chris

    Keep up the fight!!! You guys are doing a great job!!!

    From NEBC – Mile 62 Alaska Highway

  8. Pam Shirk

    According to Jesse Waters on fox/ twitter-@_redwalrus, Biden does indeed film in front of a screen. I have no problem with believing that some of this is made for tv.

  9. Coach

    If the 2020 election steal is not reversed, likely 2022 and certainly 2024 will not even matter. Need to keep focus on this or our country may never come back.

  10. Lonny Ramsey

    Possibly the Air Lines should be denied our business as well as the subsidies from the government, which might explain their eagerness to side with the Swamp!!!

  11. Lonny Ramsey

    Rhinos have been extinct in Wyoming for some time and I think RINOS are an endangered species!

  12. Elizabeth Dick

    I trust and admire Simon Parkes. I believe that there are deplorable things happening to these children being used as commodities and there will be horrific things discovered! Anything and everything must be done to save and rescue these innocent victims! I hope and pray that things are going to get better! Please dearest God, help and have mercy on us!

  13. charles dipman

    How you could include Bill Clinton in the same sentence as JFK is beyond me.

  14. charles dipman

    Not sure what world you are living in but, what I’ve seen (for years. in fact) is there are a lot of businesses that are totally dependent on illegal alien labor for farm work and construction. There are places in CA where they line up for work and there’s an INS guy sitting in a golf cart watching everything and doing nothing about it. It’s all about money.

  15. FlyLikeAnEagle

    Is anyone on The Hill going to question why so much of our taxpayer money is going to invaders, but yet citizens lost their businesses, homes, and jobs, and not a damn one of them was bailed out, or are they going to tell us how they can bail out airline companies, car companies, banks, etc., but yet citizens who have lost everything due to the release of a biological weapon on this country and falsely imprisoned in their own homes cannot be saved by own their tax money. I can’t stand these establishment politician rats who never step up to the plate to work for the American people. Never forget what they’ve done to us and how before President Trump and to this day they never stepped up to the plate to save us or our country. I hope they all rot in hell! They’ll ever get another dime from me. Let their corporate donors who they work for take care of that.

  16. Camille Bood

    I’ve lived in Florida many years and I have always had to show my ID when voting. They verify my signature as well.

  17. Cecilia Samson

    Since Biden is a puppet, I don’t think you need to address him as administrator. Biden should be sufficient.

  18. Morg

    Doug, why don’t you talk about a more pressing issue, the fact that these experimental vaccines are going to end up causing a tremendous amount of autoimmune disorders, cognitive decline and death in the months and years to come… Already we are seeing deaths and severe side effects around the world, yet so few want to talk about this… There are many immunoligst/ bioligists doctors etc saying that there will be tremdnous losss of life.. including Dr Sherri Tennpenny, Former Gavi scientist Geert Van Bossche, Doroles Cahill etc…

    What elections.. if America loses a third or half of it’s population to the vax, there will be no country.. and if many of the military members and first responders take it and become ill or worse.. it will then become a national secuirty issue…

    Shouldn’t you be focusing on this and getting the word out?

    Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon talking about all of this… General Flynn has even spoke about Spars 2025/2028 , where they war gamed like event 201 a simulation of how they would act re media , social media posts and using celebs to respond to a supposed unplanned pandemic. In Spars, it also talked about how months later many would end up severely ill and with brain damage…

    Please do more research and share with your viewers all of this….

  19. Kelley Hitchens

    Chris Wallace belongs on CNN.

  20. RussZilla

    On dangling prepositions…
    “That is something up with which I will not put.”
    —-Winsto Churchill