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  1. Denny Redpath

    God will bless Matthew Thayer for his efforts to contribute in the fight for the truth! I “felt” his genuine intent, he wants the truth to be presented to the people! Only the truth!
    How else can you be truthful unless you talk openly with as many witnesses as possible.

  2. darrell reagan

    all I have to say there had better be trials for treason for every one of guilty no deals, no plea bargaining. after the AZ audit is released

  3. Elizabeth Dick

    Over the past months, you and the guests that you have presented to us have offer us the education and hope that we all have needed. One of your very best guests has been Maria Zak. We miss her and would really like to know if she is safe and if she and her organization are still uncovering the truth! Please let us know that has happened to Maria!!

  4. Wanda Vaughn

    Every time I want to see something I cannot get my phone to open there is got to be a reason for this cost of the left side That they don’t want us to see we have got to stand up America and get them out and take our country back I am 76 years old but I will stand with you to the day I die Wanda