Is the Vaccine Safe? Short Answer: NO!

Is the Vaccine Safe? Short Answer: NO!


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5 replies on “Is the Vaccine Safe? Short Answer: NO!”

  • Beth says:

    Wow. Explained very well.

  • Helen Nelson says:

    Excellent video!!! This will help all of us explain things and I can’t wait to share it! Thank you Doug and God bless you!

  • Fi says:

    How do I share this

  • Kris says:

    Oops wanted to grab the link that has all the other links to the information on the video. Very impressing compilation by Children’s Health Defense.
    Look at the date when it was created. And yet we are still in crisis mode in this country and around the world very unnerving.

  • David R says:

    Thanks!!! Glad I came across You and this video. Hope it’s okay with you I linked this video on my web site. Thanks again I’m just getting into the fight.