Joey Gilbert: America and We the People are Waking Up!9.2.2021

Joey Gilbert: America and We the People are Waking Up!9.2.2021


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5 replies on “Joey Gilbert: America and We the People are Waking Up!9.2.2021”

  • LEN DOBRZYN says:

    DEAR DOUG ET AL WHO WATCH: — There is a rumble on here about the covid and the 5g — It turns out there is a chemical called GRAPHENE OXIDE which is what makes a person MAGNETIC, is being found in MASKS, THE TEST, & JAB… It’s kind of a back up plan .. So even if you don’t take the jab, you still get Graphene oxide and this in turn, with correct levels will KILL once 5G is turned on completely!!!

    This needs to get out and we need to demand that this ends now~~~ we can’t wait for Trump, the election, the military etc. Everyone needs to get involved in local government, sue companies in a class act law suit who demand you take the jab or be tested… And by all means DO NOT USE THE PURCHASED PAPER MASKS or you are still breathing in Graphene Oxide!!! God Bless us all and Lord Keep us from the evil one.

  • Doug Crum says:

    Pine needle tea is the key

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Joey is great but he just talks too fast! Can you please spell some of these people’s names (Doctors and pharmacies) and the the medications that he cited? Great info and kept going back to re-listen to figure out what info he was giving us!

  • colin elkins says:

    i watch you from UK, I am not religeous but admire your belief. If you the USA dont win we dont have a hope.

  • Chris H says:

    What an AMAZING SHOW! Thank you Doug and Joey! The Lord always provides, he even provides a reverse to this evil injection! Praise Yah Forever! He will never leave us or forsake us!