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  1. Jeremy

    Excuse me but Trump is still verbally recommending the vaccine (even though he does say it’s your choice). That’s what no one is addressing. He should know by now what’s inside it regardless of initial lack of knowledge in the beginning. That alone is what has everyone scratching their heads.

  2. kathie

    That is absolutely correct. People didn’t pay enough attention to what was really going on. Pres. Trump fought Fauci and many others all along. I also believe Pres. Trump allowed Fauci out front to expose what and who he really is. An insane powerhungry lust for money criminal.

    Furthermore. Pres. Trump has always been upfront, always kept his word, etc.

    I also agree that the public did not stand up to support at that time. I believe w/all my heart that the phony narratives, the lies, deceit, and confusion were created on purpose to confuse, distract, and disorient the public in regards to all this and Pres. Trump.

    I believe eventually every lie will be exposed, revealed and once all this comes out, that once again, Pres. Trump will be vindicated once again in regards to the jab.

    I personally and withholding judgement. I will continue to observe objectively.

  3. kathie

    Question. Is his daughter related to a late Vocal Coach in LA by the name of Bob Grabeau? Just curious.

  4. Jean L

    You need to read Devolution and Continuity of Government. Trump put this in motion (if you listen) and it makes sense, but the American People Had to see this for themselves. Fauci played Trump, but the bigger issue was stealing and bankrupting the country. The Pandemic was the way to do this.

    The plan was 5 points.
    1) Economic Chaos
    2) Race division chaos
    3) Climate chaos
    4) SARS2 Pandemic Chaos (bioweapon mad here in the USA)
    5) Vaccine Chaos (this is the true bioweapon to connect us to smart technology)

    There are at least 40-60 yrs of planning here. And it is going to come out.

  5. Frank S.

    I was also puzzled by Pres. Trump’s reticence about not condemning an obviously dangerous and ineffective “vaccine”, and prayed about it. I was enlightened that it wasn’t about ‘bad press’ or admitting being deceived. Instead it was a matter of not wanting to risk “getting JFK’d”, like #35; and/or risk causing civil war to erupt, endangering countless lives due to the Lawless Legion.