Karen Kingston: Check mate! We win against the JAB!

Karen Kingston: Check mate! We win against the JAB!


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51 replies on “Karen Kingston: Check mate! We win against the JAB!”

  • April says:

    Love her, thank you. Can anyone get this stopped for the military? They have been told they have until the 15th!!! All branches..this must be stopped..they are getting the Phifer jab.

  • Jeremy says:

    So how come Trump keeps saying he recommends to take the vaccine? He just said it again at his Alabama rally.

  • Sharon Johnson says:

    God bless you my sister in Christ!! I live in Louisville, KY and I feel like I am alone in this fight. I need to connect with like-minded people. I have a 10th grader and the school and the school system DOES NOT CARE that they are committing child abuse with these stupid face diapers on our kids!!! I emailed the principal and he won’t do anything. He said my kid needs a medical exemption. This is unconstitutional!!! Thank you for this news! I saw you on Stew Peters as well. Thank you sooooo MUCH!!!

  • Linda says:

    I’m afraid things have gone so far that there will be NO DISCLOSURE in 2 weeks – sorry – I want to be optimistic and I’m trying to be and trust me I love your program and love Karen Kingston – I am convinced we need to begin a “new country” on Mars or something

  • Steve Kauffeld says:

    Thank you for all you do Doug,all patriots need some good news in these trying times I would like to offer additional resources for the fight it’s called “The doctrine of the lesser magistrate “ written by Pastor Matt Trewhella. Many men and women are being impacted by this powerful book I know Gen. Flynn has read it as has numerous influential people. Also Pastor Matt would make a terrific interview.You can check him out at Defy Tyrants. Com and Mercy Seat . Com
    Steve&linda Kauffeld

  • Kim Townsend says:

    How do we get a copy of the letter to show our employer?

  • KBG says:

    Just want to know if you are aware that the capitol building in DC is not being occupied by the Biden administration.
    Are you not able to tell the public this?

  • Evelyn Mulvaney says:

    Thank you for this information.
    I hear about Pfizer and Moderna containing hydrogel and grafin oxide.
    What do you see with J/J’s ingredients. How safe or safer is it in comparison to the first 2? Is it going to get fda approval?

  • Betty& Lee Griego says:

    So very grateful for Karen’s boldness to share the truth with us! We’re getting pressure from our church and adult kids to vaxx. We will stand against this to the end! Thank you for the facts and emboldening us to stand and having done all stand. “My people perish for lack of knowledge “! Thank you again and again!

  • William L. Powell says:

    How in the name of humanity did such people rise to power and dupe the American people with this lie. Thank you so much for exposing the truth. The so called party in control is out of control and destroying this country. With the whole military vaxxed they’ll kill everyone of them to weaken this nation to our knees. Is there anything out there to reverse it. I haven’t taken it and won’t. This madness has to stop. We remember seeing those old movies of mad scientist taking control of the world, well 2021 wake up cause it is upon us. It’s no movie. This is serious. Thank you for all you do. God bless you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank God for giving Karen the intelligence to help us. And Karen does it where she is so easy to follow💕

  • James Adrian says:

    It would be helpful if the documents could be copied in text rather than as a photo. Please tell us the URL where the documents can be found.

    Jim Adrian

  • Alan says:

    Standby for perpetual legal stonewalling on disclosure.

  • Roxana says:

    Such encouraging news! Please remember to give Karen’s credentials at the beginning of each interview. When we share a particular segment, it’s important for new listeners to understand Karen’s qualifications. Thanks!

  • Scott says:

    What if they just lie about the ingredients?

  • Janine L Moser says:

    I am a nurse of 36 years. I am not getting the jab no matter what. I have worked oncology Investigationals, home infusions of those with cancer autoimmune diseases and Infections of various kinds.
    Of course now big pharma companies are mandating the vaccine iw. I called my physvian to get a letter so i can continue to work. I currently have Acute Rheumatoid problems I attribute to the 6 covid tests I had between 3/2020& 11/2020. I have high blood pressure.
    My Dr. Office is not giving out letters for their patients who do not want this biologic.
    Thank you for assisting me with this info I have done Investigationals for 36 years.
    I am passing it on to many. I am fighting the fight.

  • Martin Fleischman says:

    You forget facts don’t matter to the left and with approval it can get mandated now and it doesn’t matter what’s in it or how many people it kills because facts don’t matter to the left, they’re just going to force it on us anyway

  • If Myante says:

    Unfortunately, being obliged to tell the truth may not equate to actually telling the truth.
    After over a century of fake history, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the truth.

  • duane vorick says:

    Hi Doug, I introduce myself to you about a week ago and made a positive comment about you and Karen. I just listened to your recent podcast with Karen concerning the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine. As I have mention before, I also do many hours of research and as I listen to Karen I had up the letter so I could follow her. She lost me right after she started to quote it and I pause the video to search through the letter. Not finding the part she was reading I did more research and discover another letter with the part she was reading. The letter I had was the one Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA) lead me to, was to Ms. Elisa Harkins from the FDA with the same date Aug 23, 2021. The letter Karen was quoting from was to Amit Patel from the FDA, same date. Both letters mention the drug that was approved called, COMIRNATY, which by the way, there is not enough on the market right now to use and according to Dr. Malone won’t be for quite a while, but the interesting things is the letter to Ms. Elisa Harkins and if you read it carefully you see that they extended the original EUA (Emergency use Authorization) from Dec. 11, 2020. On Aug 23, 2021 they reissued the EUA which keep them protected from any liability still as the original EUA did. I wish I could copy and paste, I can copy the section of the letter but can’t paste it here in this comment box. I think these views needs to be discuss more. Thank to both of you for your work. You are in my prayers.

  • Tracy says:

    NoVasMandate.org has letter templates for even the military for vaccine exemptions.

  • Tracy says:


  • Tracy says:

    There are many far more effective means of protecting oneself if you are concerned about Covid. Ask your doctor, or one who knows more, about Ivermectin, for example. The vaccines themselves are false & misleading, because they are nothing like real vaccines. They do more harm & cause more risk than Covid, so why do it?

    NoVaxMandate.org provides letter templates for employers & military use.

  • Boots Maloy says:

    It’s not a win, people don’t care what’s in the serum…

  • Jackie Trump says:

    Who will enforce this, how do we know if this isn’t just CYA?

  • Bob Higgins says:

    I did not listen to all the video but did not hear a comparison of the health risk of taking the vaccine with the risk of not taking it. Also, a person who has reason to believe that he/she is susceptible to heart problems could seek the advice of his/her doctor before taking the vaccine.
    Such a balanced look appears to be missing in the presentation.

  • Harold Saive says:

    Where are the documents Doug?

  • Jeffrey Reid says:

    I understand you need sponsors but dang a 25 min show turns into a 1hr. We need the information and I thank you for it why so many breaks? This show is the only one with this many breaks

  • suzanne says:

    Doug, your lead up to breaks are too wordy, you say “I do not want to interrupt’ but you do. You talk way too much. Let your guests talk not you taking over. The guests are the experts not you. Please

  • parvin zamany says:

    Thanks a lot for your life saving information. Therefore our supreme leader Ayatolah Khamenei in Iran banned mRNA vaccines from USA because he did not want that the Iranian people being used for test purposes of these vaccines. God bless you for informing people. Parvin

  • Dimel says:

    Karen Kingston is great! Her information seems to be spot on however, I was disappointed in this report. She is correct on the BioNTech piece of Pfizer’s approval. BUT, didn’t share the other letter sent to Pfizer by FDA. There were two letters sent. One to Pfizer and one to Pfizer/BioNTech (a partner with Pfizer). Pfizer DID NOT not receive approval for their vaccine. In that letter, it gives an extension to continue to use the vaccine on an emergency use basis only (EUA). This letter leaves Liability Shield in place for this emergency use. The letter to Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) DOES receive approval for studies of a vaccine which BioNTech has yet to be manufactured. The letter cites many things Pfizer/BioNTech needs to do to satisfy the safety of its use once developed. It gave NO liability shield to this study. This information was also shared by Dr. Robert Malone, pioneer or mRNA use in vaccines and creator of the Ebola Vaccine in 2019. Both letters are available to read for yourself on the FDA.gov site. I hope Karen can come back to explain this further.

  • John Beale says:

    Ok, so what now, I took both the Maderna, & wife took Fiser shot. How do we survive? We are both well, we started taking all our vitimins that we have been taking for years, but we added Zinc, A, C, D3, E. We have always taken Spiralina, Multiple vitimines, Garlic, Calcium MSN. My wife also is prescribed Detrrol, Lipitorr Vit D-2 Memantine. I additionally been prescribed Tamsulosin, Amlodipine Meloxicam, Gabapentin Nexium Aspirin Ventafaxine.
    Is there anything that can help up no die? I am 78, wife is 75.
    Love your show, Love also Mel K, Dr Charlie Ward, Gen Flynn, Juan O Savin and others.

    John Beale

    WWG1 WGA

  • Shawn R Martin says:

    Thank you for all you do! Where do I download Karen Kingston interview We win its checkmate regarding the ingredients of the jab. Need to get my hands that letter to show employersnand college. Thank you so much

    Sincerely, Shawn

  • Krista says:

    Can I get a copy of the letter to give my employer?

  • TRACEY HOLT says:

    Hello, I am encouraged by your show amd lots of helpful info! I am a nurse and from the beginning before all these “treasures of facts cam about “ I just knew all this wa about fear and control’ I was lucky enough that my doc gave me the hydroxyquine and zpack! ( one of the cures thwy wont prescribe now! How can we get all this info that Karen shared out there to people rhat would hear our voice! We need a voice so many doctors have been bought or are blind and wont help us! I work in a long term care facility how is it legal for bIden to threaten withdrawal of medicare and medicaid and these people have paid for in the past? Right now in our facility we have 4 residents that are positive with covid all whom had the vaccine! Im begging sir to help us! The medical workers and rest of those that are truly adamant about saying no at first are so far holding our choice! We already are short staffed! As far as healthcare workers go we’ve been exposed to every communicable disease there is for ever, this is a violation to our rights! Please help us this is our life this is how we raise our kids, pay our bills etc! Why isn’t anyone listening?

  • Kemuel I Ronis says:

    God bless you both for sharing this information. Please post a link to get a copy of the FDA approval letter that is referenced in this video.

  • Kemuel I Ronis says:

    God bless you both for sharing this information! Please post a link for the FDA approval letter. Thank you!

  • Allen Cook says:

    Robert David Steele has died is this another sign that we are winning? I enjoyed Karen’s information on your video and was uplifted temporarily unfortunately reality set back in. What is going to compel the mainstream news media to report the truth to the general population who will only except some thing as the truth if they hear it from main stream news.
    This is the big problem we face. Could you please have a guest on your show who can give some insight into what is going to break this open, in terms of when the media is actually going to tell people the truth. Other wise even if the Pfizer has to report what is actually in there vaccine who is going to know about? Please!! Thanks!!

  • Lee says:

    Here is another interesting fact…the drug companies (Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, etc) AND the White House have BANNED their personnel from taking the shot…This is coming from people inside the WH and the companies themselves…

  • zip trower says:

    Very good interview. Where are the letters we can get that you referenced in the “Karen Kingston TAB”?
    I would like to copy all.

  • Page Cooke says:

    I’m glad someone is at least putting something out about this I just pray people wake up and stick with each other and see we are more powerful than they are if we work together don’t take the shot it’s all about control and population control please wake up

  • Nicholas Santoleri says:

    This was a great interview. We need more people like Karen Kingston. She is definitely a true patriot. Keep up the great work.

  • Deborah says:

    Well, this goes against ALL of what Dr. Malone has said then. He said the pfizer BioNTeck vax has NOT been approved and it STILL under EUA. However, the slimes at FDA did approve a vax called CORMIRNATY (sp.), which has not been out yet and won’t be for a few months!!! So people assume this mRNA vax has been approved when it has NOT!! Please listen to Malone for clarifications.

  • Stephen Nelson says:

    Hi Doug,

    What was the outcome from Karen Kingston and the FDA.
    It’s been over 2 weeks and we haven’t heard anything.
    Is it happening or has it been blocked.
    When she said checkmate we were so assured this was going to happen.
    Please keep us updated.


  • Dennis W. Rwontree says:

    According to Dr Robert Malone the Pfizer “vaccine” is still under EUA. The Pfizer vaccine currently in use has NOT been approved. The one that has been approved, is COMIRNATY and this “vaccine” has not yet been manufactured or labelled yet. If I understood it correctly, COMIRNATY is not under full authorization until 2023.

    BITCHUTE title: ‘Dr Robert Malone: Pfizer Seeking Full Indemnification – The Approval Trick’

    I don’t fully understand all the subtle nuances what all of this means. From what Dr Robert Malone has expressed, does this undermine anything Karen Kingston is saying? Are we again being misled into false hope? One day we are given information that gives us hope, and then discover another piece of information that seems to destroy it. There seems to be nothing that stops the tyranny being rolled out – especially in Australia. Please give us clarification. Many thanks.

  • Eleanor Knecht says:

    How can I get ahold of Karen Kingston concerning getting Hydroxychloriquine?

  • Frank Szoke says:

    What’s happened? Haven’t heard anything.

  • Edward Michael says:


    Please forward my most sincere regards and respect to Karen Kingston for her work.
    I am writing from Canada. The entire world is in need of spokespersons in science of the caliber of Karen Kingston

    I really don’t know how to convey my compliments to this woman. Each time I listen to her interviews, I sense her care, compassion, spirit, spirituality, love of humanity etc, etc, etc,

    I wish her the greatest protection, and strength, as she continues her work with the greatest minds on the planet.

    My own spirit is with her every step. My prayers and devotions in prayer will never cease in support for her efforts in the name of humanity, under God.

    God blesses this woman. God blesses all she does.

    Please forward my loving care and protection for her wellbeing

  • George Ramos says:

    So it’s been 3+ weeks since this video upload. Where’s the “win?” Has Pfizer disclosed that graphene is in the vaccination? I’ve been reading several articles on the ingredients Ms Kingston referenced but have not found any recent articles indicating Pfizer has listed graphene. Please any info. Thanks.

  • Darryl says:

    How do I find out about the fetal tissues used in the vaccine? Can I contact Karen?

  • Mari Carrier says:

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  • Luz Oppenheim says:

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