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  1. Michael Murphy

    What about if someone needs blood and the blood supply is infected with people who took the jab? This is so wrong on all levels. Can you say class action law suit?

  2. Curt Wise

    Great information. Finally somebody tells the truth.
    How do I get a copy of the letter from the FDA?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Susie Huscher

    I’m not seeing where to get the FDA letter. Can you help me get a copy? If this mandate is enforced, I will lose my job and need back up to help my cause.

    Susie Huscher

  4. Kathy Casher

    Thank you so much Doug for having this wonderful lady Karen on your show and sharing with us the FDA letters. My brother has been told he has to get vaccinated for his job so I am passing this along to him so he can show his employer. Thank you again and thanks for all the good work you are doing out there for all of us patriots and America and the world! God Bless you and Karen!

  5. Penny Bunt

    I would appreciate getting the forms and templates to help protect my family from getting the vaccines, and provide all information we need about ingredients in it and risks. Would you provide them to me please?

    Thank you so much for informing us with the TRUTH behind this evil scheme!

    I hope more of us will take heed to this information because the power is in the people!

  6. Renee w Castor

    Do you have a link to the actual document

  7. Jeremy

    I keep wondering why President Trump (even though he does say it’s your choice) encourages everyone take the vaccine?

  8. Debbie Caliendo

    Thank you both for bringing the truth to light! I would like to obtain a copy of the FDA letter…if you could please instruct me on how I can do that. I’m also wondering if there is more information in the letter about shedding? Or if you have any information you can share regarding that topic? I’ve been in menopause for 3 years and out of nowhere I began bleeding yesterday and it definitely seems to be a full blown period! I remember hearing early on about shedding causing menstrual problems in unvaccinated women. I appreciate any information, documents, data, etc. that you can share. Again, thank you for all you do! You are saving lives! God bless you both.

  9. Diana Finney

    Looking for the FDA letter???

  10. Alan Rush

    Thankyou Karen for doing the Lord’s work. We the people deserve to know the truth.

  11. Michael Miles

    Thanks Doug, thanks so much for all the good you’re doing for humanity with your program. My thoughts are with you, for you to stay strong with your love and goodness. You are a true gladiator of truth ! Best regards, Michael.

  12. Liliana

    Great show Doug! Thank you Karen! Where can we get the letter? I have a few weeks left to apply for a vaccine exempt and this letter would be helpful to plea my cause.

  13. Melanie Lavoi

    Where is Maria Zach?

  14. Cheri

    Do we have to Join to have access to the letters that Karen is producing ?

  15. Cheri

    Need to let people know where to find Karen’s letters/templates. Glad I found them – took a while :} Keep up the GREAT work and GREAT information ! Cheers back at ‘ya !! :}

  16. David Gillespie

    Karen should be given a purple heart by Trump, she is a true American hero!


    I (we, my wife and I) know Karen as a little girl that went to grade school and H.S.with our daughter. Although the miles have separated our families we still correspond with her mother. We’ve heard over the years of how well Karen has been doing in her chosen profession however until her mom forwarded us her first interview with you we had no idea of just how professional and knowledgeable she is. Because we’ve know this woman since a girl of the age of approx. 7 and know of her schooling and excellent grades through those years it truly doesn’t surprise me just how much time and research that she has put into her studies on Covid-19 and the “Science, Legalities, Research, and basic Biology” involved in her presentations. As a “senior” retiree that ended up with more time on my hands since this Covid lockdown/shutdown I myself spent probably too much time trying to do my own research, and using my won God given common sense, already came to much of the same results that Karen has been trying to get out to the public evidently long before you and your show found her. The difference is that Karen has put it all together with the documentation and research papers and studies that are not being put out to the public by the government and the MSM. She puts it in simple laymans language and if you can read English she uses the “Professionals” and various government departments own research and paperwork to help burry themselves. I have been doing my very best to try to spread your site and videos to everyone I can. However there will always be those (seems like mainly sheeple democrats) that will not even consider a 2nd opinion on any subject. I’d love to know how so many of the “Highly Educated” can be so closed minded even when they can read for themselves word for word what is actually printed in black and white. (Thats if they actually try to do any of their own research and would honestly develop their own questions) I really didn’t plan on writing a book in this comment but thought you might want to hear a personal memory / account of this “girl” that grew into the woman you now know today. Thanks to you all trying to fight the good fight. Thanks for getting the other half of the story out there. I pray that we can turn this Nation around before it is too late.