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  1. albert bottone

    what should people do that got the jab is there anything we can do

  2. Paula Harvey

    Please tell me yall are turning this information in to the people that can put a quick end to all this before more people die.

  3. Joe Androlowicz

    the phone number you said in your ad for hair regrowth center is not this doctor. Same number is also listed on her website and facebook page, no such Dr. Is this Dr. real? I think something’s wrong with this advertiser of yours.

  4. Michael Murphy

    Doug your kinda rude looking at your phone and not paying attention to what Karen is talking about. It’s like you are bored with this information. Sorry to have to pull you up, but we can see you.

  5. Jeremy

    This is just so disturbing. Like something out of a movie.

  6. Sandra Avery

    Thank you so much for all your research Ms Karen Kingston! I have just one question for you today. All we seem to see and hear about this mandated vaccine is to take it or else. I would ask for all of your information be passed to the Senate so they can at least understand why most of us Americans don’t want this jab. I still hear how wonderful it is. I would appreciate understanding this with more clarity.

    God Bless you & Doug

  7. Merry Stern

    do you have a letter of exemption due to the adverse health affects of the jab for employers?

  8. Don Hudson

    Last year I read a couple of reports that claimed that millions of the initial covid tests were contaminated with the spike protein. That makes me question if the current test kits-any of them- are safe. Are there the nanochips, in the test kits? What other nefarious ingredients are in them??? There hasn’t been much disclosure in this area. What is the reality with these “test kits”??