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  1. Guy Leven-Torres

    Some truth at last. No more Hopium. I like to live in Reality.

  2. Barb Geraci

    This has been the best Memorial Day message we could have! My husband and I have listened to this together and are encouraged by it!
    Thank you for sharing the values of determined prayer and determined patriotism! Truth and knowledge are essential to survival as a critical thinking society…and a Christ centered life! God bless you and yours!

  3. Joel Colley, MD

    What the hell Happened to Gen Flynn? Doublespeak and BS. I will no longer follow this man into battle. How many “cheeks can you turn to blows” General? What happened to your balls? You seem to have misplaced them. Pity.

  4. Joel Colley, MD

    What happened to you, Gen Flynn. You seemingly have lost your balls. I would no longer follow you into any battle.

  5. Joel Colley, MD

    lost his balls in the transition. I will no longer follow him into any battle. Pity.

  6. Joel Colley, MD

    Trump did NOT win NY, so WTF, who cares. Trump did win in AZ, CA, GA, WI, so who gives a F***, Gen Flynn. I see now why DJT fired you. Get on board or get the F*** out, Gen Flynn. What the hell happened to you?

  7. Roberta Peterson

    Doug, about praying for our enemies: I do not just “pray for them,” asking the Lord “to bless them.” I pray that the Lord will help them repent. That is what the enemies of our country need,
    repentance. I also ask the Lord to thwart the enemies of freedom.

  8. M. Ruben

    You Doug, and Gen Flynn are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Talking about that bottle of wine and Flynn telling you to wait…YOU BOTH led people on, and now you call us conspiracy theorist’s! I don’t even want to watch or listen to you both anymore because you are either lying, or covering up now….so don’t insult us further after you ignited a fire! You spread confusion, not facts. Period. You have useless “rah rah the flag” false hope of change in a sea of deep corruption. In other words, you have nothing to encourage Patriots while we see our beloved country going down the toilet.

  9. Eli

    MD=Mental Disorder

  10. Jeremy Barker

    Be careful. This is reminiscent of Fox News. Fox had a good thing going until they abandoned their audience. Now their ratings are much lower.

  11. Anna Marie

    So allow me to clear this “Q” event up a little. Which I am sure that I can speak for MANY who follow it. Those who have been following for some time are aware of the SEARCH FOR EDWARD SNOWDEN – which if you youtube Q GROUP search for Edward Snowden brings up a video that CLEARLY claims the Q GROUP as being the POLICE within the NSA. So what you have is PATRIOTS pro American citizens who believe that the NSA – ” Q ” are one in the same. The NSA has EVERYTHING on EVERYONE – Including the 30k + emails of Hillary that were deleted. Along with evidence
    on EVERY CRIMINAL in human trafficking, crimes against humanity etc and are reaping JUSTICE among the criminals around the world in governments, people of money etc who think their sick perverted ways is acceptable around the planet. So what we have are the patriots who are being kept under control from taking actions on their own by not bring up arms believing that Q – AKA NSA, TRUMP, OUR MILITARY are cleaning up the globe.
    Now this is the AMERICAN PEOPLE SEEKING JUSTICE and believing Q – our NSA is doing exactly that and the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SUPPORTING IT – down right accepting it, demanding it, backing it and WHAT IT TO TAKE PLACE. It is time to END THE CORRUPTION.
    Its a shame that General Flynn shoots it down or portrays not to be aware of it. The WWG1WGA movement is a part of those who follow Q. Believing that we are all in this together against the evil.