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  1. Donna Maxwell

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I really appreciate your advice. Scary times right now!

  2. REv Dr Tarasa B Lovick

    Thank you for speaking the truth in love. I am fighting here in Manchester, Vermont by myself! People are comatose. Yes, I pray, one of the things I pray for is for people to wake up to the lack of discourse. Our school board and administration and many teachers are really perverted! They are hurting all of our children and families. They have contempt for families. The last four years have been hell for me. I went to every parent association meeting the first three years.and yes I did speak up. No one was listening. They are rude and disrespectful and lack intelligene and wisdom. No wisdom at all! Of course wisdom is an attribute of God and they don’t believe in God. For example, they believe that children learn compassion by being exposed to heinous violence…. I can’t tell you how many times I have intervened in the lies that they are brain washing our children with. Like the evidence you showed tonight about how the media lies–that is exactly what they do to parents who are God-loving. I am a minister…

  3. robert greer

    Mille wasn’t sacked by Obama during his purge of 100’s generals he sacked as mille was a communist so he was left as a trojan horse for trump to appoint !!

  4. Jan Coulson

    Hi from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Always come here for a lift. Great shows…..all of them.

  5. Deborah Rouse

    Great show Doug!! I really appreciate all the current information about America!! Thanks for standing for what is right and getting the truth out!!

  6. Ann

    Love your videos

  7. Sharon Southern

    Love you Doug keep up the good work, waiting for our President to return.
    Thank You
    From Louisiana

  8. Melissa R. Markey

    Thank you for your patriotism and hard work, Doug. You are an inspiration!! Love all your podcasts.

  9. Michael StC

    Very cool
    inspired message
    detailed clear
    thank you Sir

    M StC

  10. Lora L Bowman

    Gen. Millie should have been there w our President to show his support. What a putz.

  11. Corinne

    Absolutely! Ever watch movies on TV/Cable and they will bleep out “swear words” but have no problem leaving in when Lord’s name is used as curse words.

  12. Rich Westlake

    Deep state involvement in the military is not anything new. D-Day could not have been accomplished without the ‘connection’ of Eisenhower’s command tactics and his accrual of everything he needed to succeed from American industry as well as America just coming out of a depression. As President, he warned of the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, the melding of various companies and their relationship with military. Military leadership has been altered to accommodate certain ‘funding and weapons’ technology’, which of course, has been manipulated by big profit at the expense of American lives, case in point, Vietnam. While that end has been satisfied, so has the political spectrum within, by members of congress lobbying for, and being paid off by the technological entities that have enhanced our military capability, morphing today into as internal enemy of our Republic, bent on power and control. Christianity has been under attack as long as I can remember, coming from all venues, nations, and other religions. The uptick of these assaults were expounded by media/Hollywood’s decline and repetition of hatred through broadcasts and film. Journalism is a fatality in our lives today. The results are based on pure evil, concentrating on racism and citizen division through lies and deceit. Thank you for explaining these elements. Please continue showing truth as America needs exposure to it today more than ever.

  13. Don Ellington

    Looking forward to your next interview with Maria Zack.
    Please ask her how her findings about Italy coincide with the information from Mike Lindell.
    According to Maria, Italy did the vote manipulation; according to Mike Lindell most of the manipulation originated from China.
    I would like to understand how these differences!

  14. Karen

    Hello Doug,

    As always thankful for your opinions and your guest. I was just curious, if many of the military did not respect our commander-in-chief/ President Trump then why would we think we could trust them should he ever decide to run for office again?

    My second question is who has Pelosi‘s computer I’m guessing it’s the FBI, you know the same ones that we trust as much as the military. I’m not text savvy at all but I know enough to know it should not take very long to review her computer I know her every move. So speaking of the FBI how is the US supposed to gain trust in them it appears to me that they don’t like America either and/or self-centered/both

    Karen ( I still want to change my name, I hear these jokes about what people think of Karen’s 😔)

  15. Sandra Avery

    I Thank You Doug for your hard work & dedication to finding the truth of what is really going on in our world today and passing it on to us! We are firm believers of Jesus Christ and we do not have fear as we know our Lord is with us always.

    God Bless you & your family.

  16. Louise

    This was a very informative show on every topic and explained with common sense and truth.
    Thank you for showing those clips on January 6th. I did not know the police officer died the next day or Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was still being investigated. She needs to face the law.
    I am an Australian and listen to your shows daily because I believe in justice and truth. Whatever happens in America. Australia follows.
    I know it will take time, but I do hope President Trump gets to serve out the rest of his term.

  17. Patrick T

    Some military didn’t agree with withdrawing troops, so they sold the USA to China and the central banks? Miley and his comrades are treasonous way beyond being a war monger. Thing child sex trafficking.

  18. Patrick T

    Some military didn’t agree with withdrawing troops, so they sold the USA to China and the central banks? Miley and his comrades are treasonous way beyond being a war monger. Think child sex trafficking. Unfortunately, if we don’t have the military, we don’t have a fix. The audits will wind up at the Supreme Court, loaded with traitors. This will end, but I’m afraid there will be blood.

  19. Diann T. Read

    I think all this ongoing noise about January 6th is meant to distract us from current events they refuse to cover, like the AZ election audit and what’s happening at the border. They don’t want us paying attention to important current matters.

  20. JoAnn Fahrenwald

    Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!

  21. JoAnn Fahrenwald

    Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

  22. LucySkinner

    Ienjoywatchingyourshow yoursokind

  23. Paula B

    I really enjoy your videos…. informative and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the matter.