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  1. Anthony Murrey

    I guess it meant nothing that Trump and everybody said, “ We have all the evidence. We have everything.” These people who stole the vote need to hang. I will vote but I am really, really pissed off at Trump and the White Hats for allowing this sham to go on. They owe the nation a very detailed explanation!

  2. cnnshutdown

    Mr. Doug Billings General Michael Flynn is great man and so are you. But my head is not exploding when you say get involved in 2022. My head is exploding because you’re leading from the rear without a resolution and with no real PLAN to solve the 2020 election fraud. The last time people really got involved was January 6, 2021 and they are now lockup in the Washington D.C. Capital jail. These are the people who making a difference and maybe you should just go and visit them in their jail cells. How about interviewing them? Or are you afraid?

  3. cnnshutdown

    General Flynn’s comments on China’s desire to be the number one “super power” in the world is more than true but there is more. I’m retire pilot from a major airline. I did a lot China flying and one of my F/O’s a US Air Force Colonel at that time made some comments on our 14 hour flight to Beijing about six years ago which shock me. I spent a lot years flying to China and the people there treated Americans pretty well. General Flynn YOU would had to known that a white paper put out from the Chinese Government at or around that time a statement was made by China SAYING that WAR was inevitable with USA. From today’s stand point I am not surprised at the corruption in our American political system. American politicians showed China how to be corrupt.

  4. Ginger Miller

    Check out Ryan D. Kelley for Michigan Governor at It would be great if you could have him on your show. Facebook – Ryan D Kelley for 50th Governor of Michigan. He is all about the Constitution, and has a 100 day plan for governor.

  5. Elizabeth Dick

    Doug – Very nice to be able to see and hear your good friend General Flynn. What is happening with your to your other “good friend” Maria Zack and the outstanding French Gentleman Phillipe Argillier? They brought outstanding hope to us all with the information that their people have discovered. But you dropped her – essentially – you through your good friend under the bus. I sure hope you treat your good friend General Flynn better than you treated Maria Zack! Do you enjoy hurting your friends as you did Maria? You have proved yourself to be two faced and not trustworthy!