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  1. BornToEatToast

    Statistics like these cannot be refuted. Excellent show, thank-you!

  2. Scott Flintham

    Trump won we all know it. He’s still president. Stop this dragging on. CLOSE ALL VACCINE CENTRES NOW. Administering Satan’s deception jab. The killing needs to stop. Billions world wide are going to die as it is this winter. General Flynn stop messing around get the job done. You know who I am I speak on behalf of me and my Father. Massive earthquakes super volcanoes and destruction if this is ignored. Simon parkes has my phone number ring me. Thank you.

  3. John

    Hi Doug, Again, AMAZING information! I live near Wisconsin. IF you drive through the state from bottom to top as I have, you will see overwhelming Trump support. All around Milwaukee suberbs, you will see overwhelming Trump support. Waukesha county is NOT blue as the results show. This county is filled with small business owners and Republicans who own their homes and love President Trump. Signs everywhere tell the story. They know they were cheated.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi John,
      Thank you for your support! I’m blessed and honored by it. Truly.

  4. Dolores Sisneros

    Mr Keshel’s presentation was incredible! Thank you so much Mr Billings for bringing this information to us.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Dolores,
      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you found value in the interview with Seth Keshel.
      God bless.

  5. Michael D Bentley

    Seth Keshel’s trend-based presentation reveals there was wrongdoing to give Biden so many votes. I pray these trends will alert the political leaders of the fraud.

  6. Sherry Pollman-Wheeler

    Great information, presentation is outstanding! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Cindy Kucharski

    Enjoyed Part 2 with Seth Keshel. I came to your video on the Steel webpage, had not heard of you before. I’m glad Seth has such an analytic mind-for those of us who knew intuitively that the election was stolen, it is comforting to see that we were right. Myself, I am seething with rage over all this. I believe that WE THE PEOPLE have had genocide perpetrated on us with the covid bullshit, it is continuing with the vaccine bullshit, and if the forensic audits do not result in the illegitimate electors being reversed, I plan to never vote again. Every legal voter was disenfranchised by what happened on Nov 3 and Jan 5. I am 70 yrs old. I grew up hearing stories of when communists took over Romania. I do not want to see the stories I heard happen before my eyes here.
    Florida may be trending more red and I love DeSantis, but we still have those damned electronic voting machines in my county (Smartmatic-which are as easily hackable as dominion). If they don’t get rid of the electronic machines before 2022, you will see millions of conservative voters sit out the election. I looked for a place to register for your email list and did not see it. If you have a newsletter or anything, please add me to your list. I am getting all my news from sites like yours. God speed~

  8. Virginia Nuss

    How can we share the truth information on your sight. When there is no share button? We really need the information out to our friends. Getting information out to my friends is how I woke up a lot of people.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Virginia,
      Simply copy the URL link and share away! It’s easy!

  9. Jackie Carley

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the information. Was a great interview and I learned a lot. Love all your videos.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Jackie,
      Glad you like the show and especially this interview with Seth Keshel.
      God bless.

  10. Cathy Ann Neal

    While I don’t live in PA, I just email all the representatives demanding a forensic audit there. What Seth revealed was unbelievable and people need to make their voices heard, not only in PA, but every state. I have done the same in Nevada where I live. GET INVOLVED PEOPLE!!!