President Trump's Alabama Speech: It's Clear that the 'Plan' is We The People

President Trump’s Alabama Speech: It’s Clear that the ‘Plan’ is We The People


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28 replies on “President Trump’s Alabama Speech: It’s Clear that the ‘Plan’ is We The People”

  • Graham says:

    Always tune in to your shows, Doug. It got a bit old today with you taking the piss out of conservatives hoping for an end to to this nightmare. You can’t exclude yourself from similar thoughts and having Simon Parkes on the show so many times.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Graham,
      Thank you so much for your support of the show. I appreciate you, truly.
      The platform of my show is, that when I have guests, they are free to express their opinions on an UNcensored platform. Various guests don’t diminish credibilty, they increase credibilty because the people in the audience are given multiple sources of information (something the main stream media rarely does!) in order to make up their own minds as to what to believe. And you’ll note that when Simon is on the show, we don’t talk about these topics. Our conversation is light, non-conspiracy based and truthful. We don’t go down rabbit holes of nonsense.
      God bless you.

  • Catherine Cooper says:

    Doug, there have been numerous people telling us that President Trump will be back yet this year. There have been numerous people saying what we are all feeling–that this country will not last another 3 years for another election, so when the president refers to that he is merely trying to smoke the black hats about an early return of their nemesis.

    Now it sounds like it will be another 3 years, and I am mortally wounded!!! Flynn, Scavino, Parkes, Ward, Vandersteel, Pompeo, McKay, Juan O. Savin, and others have ALL at one time or another agreed and stated that President Trump will be back yet this year because things are so bad. THEY, gave us hope. We didn’t get hope from a fortune cookie or tea leaves. Now you tell us we are naive, not living in reality, and basically not very smart or sophisticated. Yet President Trump told a group in New Jersey that they “might be surprised” at how soon he will return. He promised that “the best is yet to come”. Now you tell us that HE is coming from a place of reality (which is where we have all thought he has always been based), and according to Saturday’s comments, there is NO best to come, and no pleasant surprises will come forth.

    HOPE is what has kept us going all these months through all the muck and mire.

    I lead 7 prayer groups a week with God fearing patriots from various points in the U.S. who at times look to me for inspiration, relief, courage and strength. Thankfully, I have told them numerous times that GOD is our only hope and we have to pray harder and faster before the ship sinks. They have no idea of how I feel.

    I am absolutely gobsmacked that our military hasn’t gone in and arrested the s.o.b on grounds of high treason. They were supposedly going to do that to obama and clinton. WHY haven’t they done it to the administrator? Was President Trump telling us that because of the sorry excuse for a top general in the pentagon, we really have no hope?

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Catherine,
      I love that you lead 7 prayer gorups and inspire Godly hope at your local community and in our Republic! Wonderful! We need Determined Prayer & Determined Patriotism now more, perhaps, than ever. We’re all in this together and we, on the Conservative side, have these things in common: God, life, ethics, morality, truth and faith. People in the Republic need to know and believe that in America it has always been WE THE PEOPLE. When our liberty and freedoom have been threatened, domestically, WE THE PEOPLE have risen up to confront it. WE are the plan. Believe it.
      God bless you.

  • justine silvestri says:

    I like you Doug but you have your opinion and I have mine I still believe President Trump will be back in office by the end of this year and I believe he is still in charge. I believe he will not let all of us down and I just can’t believe he would continue on letting idiot crooked lying Biden continue hurting this Country.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Justine,
      Wanna bet a bottle of wine on that?! LOL.
      I’m teasing… Glad you’re out there watching the show and I appreciate you and your opinions. Truly, I do.
      God bless you.

  • Matthew Wicklund says:

    #1 bullshit

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    We are one nation under GOD!!!!! Pray, pray, pray, EVERYTHING MUST BE BATHED IN PRAYER, so that we follow His leading in all we say and do.

  • Graham says:

    I post some constructive criticism yesterday but it seems like it was censored.

    Please don’t go down that slippery slope

  • Jon Schneider says:

    Well I understand the message Doug is trying to saying. I’ve heard plenty of people spewing crap out there like Charlie Ward, Simon Parks and Mel K etc about the white hats and military being in control. I always had hope that the military would stand by the oath they took to prevent what’s happening all around and protect the constitution , but I guess if the leaders are corrupt there’s no point. Everyone wants to have hope that our elected President is coming back. The problem is we don’t have the time! Us conservatives have been arrested, burned and in some cases killed because of our nature and beliefs. Our cities have been burned and looted. We’ve been patient and reserved for the last 18 months. We don’t have years to endure poisonous injections and mask mandating, we don’t have years to end the border crossing catastrophe. This country is a powder keg and the match is lit. I believe civil war is on the horizon. The second amendment was put in place for a reason. Let get it done. Their gonna try and take that also, that will be the straw that breaks the camels back and lites the fuse. We the people out number the military and police in this country. It may come down to force.

  • Thomas Devick says:

    Doug, Are you suggesting that we just accept what happened in 2020? We should just get more involved and President Trump can run again in 2024? Please tell me you have not gone down the road of not auditing the 2020 election and proving and showing the American people what really happened. I don’t know about white hats and black hats or that this is some kind of show that the white hats are in control in the background. I do know this…President Trump won his second term and if you believe that he should run again in 2024, you are DEAD WRONG!!

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Thomas,
      You have missed the point, my firend. Where would you get the idea that I’ve abandoned audits? I fully support audits and think EVERY state should do one. The think is, the audit process will take years to complete. Sad, but true. In the meantime, I am confident Trump may well run again in 2024 and, if conservatives are fully involved in massive numbers, we can overcome any challenge, any cheating, we can overcome ANYTHING… Because the Divine Providence of God is with us. I choose to believe this truth.
      I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with you, Tom.
      God bless you.

  • Kimberley Davis says:

    We Patriots need to be TEAM PLAYERS and learn to AGREE TO DISAGREE on occasion. (A house divided against itself cannot stand).

    It’s bothered me for DECADES that Christians have been so passive and uninvolved. That behaviour is ill-considered, irresponsible and ‘salt’-less.

    Thank you so much for your shows filled with common sense + wisdom!

    Perhaps you could have some professor on to teach folks how to agree to disagree. What’s the intellectual history of that concept and practice? How does it mesh with Christianity? Why is the Left so organized and the Right such a hot mess?

  • Tamara D Schmidt says:

    So glad to have you expose this “Plan” nonsense, is just that… nonsense.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Tamara!
      Good to see that I’m right about the audience being intellectually mature and realize this! 🙂
      Glad you’re out there on our side. I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with you.
      God bless you.

  • Tamara D Schmidt says:

    We appreciate you. Thank you.

  • Donna says:

    Hi Doug,what has happened to Maria? I have heard nothing of her since she said that Joe should step down .Was all that talk of Italy being involved another farce?

  • Pam says:

    I find this show to be interesting. There appears to be a backpeddling from what we’ve heard these many months, including your own podcasts. “There is no plan” (we are the plan). Trump has no plan. The military is Administrator Biden’s military. Trump is not in charge. WOW! Why in the world has Trump and others CONTINUALLY cried out “the best is yet to come”! And “we aren’t going to let it happen”. He didn’t say “you guys aren’t going to let it happen.” So, my conclusion is something is up…OR we have all been hanging onto a pipe dream these many months, including Mike Lindell. Don’t you recall that even Biden said “but we have the guns.” We as citizens cannot replace them in a corrupt election process and with corrupt legislators and judges. So we (and YOU) were left to presume that Trump had a plan that included elements of the military once enough citizens woke up to demand his return due to election fraud and administration collapse. And you guys had “intel”, remember? And Afghanistan? That isn’t incompetence, it is surely INTENTIONAL! It’s obvious. OF COURSE TRUMP IS SPEAKING TO REALITY! That’s all he has EVER DONE. Telling us what he accomplished and what Biden is doing is not a new speech technique for him. He’d be a fool to say otherwise. That is not to say “we the people” should not step up and be counted and get involved. Of course we should. But our founding fathers didn’t defeat the British and gain independence with British elections. And I’d they had, these global criminals STEAL THE ELECTIONS!! You seem like a good man, but I don’t get it. DOES. NOT. MAKE. SENSE. It is a complete about face in your show (and most likely all the other newly created underground podcast celebs). So something has happened to turn you all around. Is there infighting among YOU? How do you think we got such ideas? YOU GUYS!! You heard what the crowd said to Mo Brooks when he said move forward and forget 2020…”FIX IT NOW”! He is definitely out of touch. THERE IS NO 2022 or 2024 unless 2020 is fixed! You only get seats at the table IN FAIR AND FREE ELECTIONS!!! I believe that Devine providence is coming at Christ’s return. God IS in charge of the plan of God. Bible prophecies speak to the end of the age and the evil of men at that time. As is my custom, I will continue to pray and study my Bible and look to God and his plan as he reveals it. I’ve read the book and we do win in the end thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    I agree with Catherine Cooper. We had so much hope and so much from watching you and your guests. Now any hope of getting this nightmare over anytime soon is gone! I feel so sick to my stomach. And I agree with Jon Schneider that the military will stand by the oath that they took and defend our Constitution! Donald Trump is a strong man and president. I can’t believe that he is just rolling over and not doing anything to save this country which he loves. All President Trump is doing is hashing over all of this nightmare. I am heartsick that our country is going down the tubes. Hope is gone. By 2024 – this country will be no more

  • Vicki says:

    Good show Doug. I hate the reality, but at this point it has become abundantly clear that our dear President Trump is not in power or he would have never let things go this far. Sad but true. Love your show.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Vicki,
      I appreciate your support and am grateful that you “get it” and are forging ahead to do your part in Determined Patriotism. We are in this together.
      God bless you.

  • Melanie Cruz says:

    Hello Doug 🥰. God bless you sir.

  • Patrick Erb says:

    Have you see the Devolution theory by “Patel Patriot” on SubStack. I watched Pres. Trumps actions and EO’s and personal changes during His presidency

    Please note, I am an “ALL OPTIONS” person, so I am involved with Audit First and making calls, emails and going to meetings.

  • Gary Bowman says:

    I have began telling the truth about the shots. Look for a vidio from the doctor in Oxford Ohio appearing at Miami University. He told us that the shit madetna will absolutely kill you. 2st shot kills 15% of your immune s6, the 2nd youv8lost 45% of your immune system a booster will kill you, a flu shot will kill you. For no reason on Earth never out a spike protein your body. Locally in Ohio our schools are mandating masks on school buses. The teacher at my son’s new school a tech school is secretl6trying to convince the stu6to take that shit. I got a call from that teacher yesterday. He gave his weak version before my son could. Seems like my son lead a revolt against these shots they are NOT Vaccines.

  • Graham says:

    Appreciate you responding, Doug. We none of us can agree one hundred percent all the time however we all share many conservative, Patriotic and American values. God bless you.

  • denise kay barnes says:

    Dear Friends at Right Side, I am grateful there are people who have exposed the truth and who are fighting for the freedom of the peoples and the nations. I am a very private person , but there are some things people need to know. I am still processing , and GOD has not instructed me to come forward yet , it must be in his timing , but if you were to be so inclined i would like your net work to handle the story for I know it will be done in truth. please feel free to contact me through my email at your convenience .