Professor David Clements and Dr Laura Sanger

Professor David Clements and Dr Laura Sanger


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3 replies on “Professor David Clements and Dr Laura Sanger”

  • Nancy Azar says:

    Loved it!
    The truth spoken
    Grateful to hear the truth from fearless Christian’s
    Thank you for your inspiration
    I’ll get to work to save our children and our country

  • Truth Is Honor says:

    God Bless you and yours Doug B. and Dr. Sanger! Thank you so very much for exposing why and how are innocent children are being targeted! Fantastic information that I have forwarded to my contact list.

  • Len Dobrzyn says:

    I have all the respect for Doug Billings. One of the great statements he makes is that he doesn’t give credence to the JFK Jr theories etc. SO PLEASE HEAR MY POSITION ON DR. SANGER — Much of what she is saying is accurate. However I have to call her out on the NEPHALIM. She is INACCURATE! The Nephalim are gone! Why do I know this? Because King David rid the land of them. He HAD TO. Because Jesus Christ’s line would have run the risk of having the genes which would have made it impossible for him to have perfect blood and be our PERFECT SACRIFICE. Be aware, as we can make Jesus our Lord and attain everlasting life (Romans 10: 9 & 10) a man can become born of the seed of the serpent and become a child of the devil. This is what she is confusing .. These people are in many cases born of the seed of Satan. But they are NOT Nephalim!!! Every time in history when a devil angel pulled this off, they were tossed into Tartars, which is a place reserved for them. They will again be released on the earth after the 1000 years when Christ sets up his kingdom and fulfills God’s promise to Israel to inherit the land!! I have been a student of the Bible for over 45 years… and would not share what she is sharing unless I knew what I was talking about.