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  1. Lorna Schindler

    ok i thought that they were voting harris out!!! now a different story

  2. Melanie Cruz

    Hello Doug and Simon 😊

    • Dbillingusr

      Hello Melanie!
      God bless you.

  3. Michael Murphy

    I can’t believe you keep having this fake on your show. Ask him how his alien child he had is doing. This guy and his pal Charlie Ward are so never gotten anything right. He never brought the med beds to america. Your going to lose your status if you keep having theroy people on.

    • Dbillingusr

      Let’s not be intellectually immature. No one’s status is going to be harmed for having Simon as a guest. Simon and I have a friendly banter and conversations. We don’t go down rabbit holes of conspiracy theories. IF you judge folks on what they said decades ago, we’d all be considered outside of your scope of approval. Multiple tens of thousands will watch it. You, brother, are free not to if you choose not to.
      God bless you.

  4. Mama Griz

    Am I first to comment! Thanks for doing this!

  5. Mike Morrison

    Hey Doug,

    I just tried to go to your site, and I was sent a malware warning URL that blocks me from going to your site. It says that the site is loaded with malware.
    “They” are out to silence you.

    I hope you can get to the bottom of this.

    • Dbillingusr

      That’s an issue with your computer… We have, literally thousands of people logging in to the webside with no issues.
      God bless.

  6. LBN

    That senerio will be the final straw that puts the veterans and patriots on the streets Armed for a fight mark my words

  7. Dave

    Doesn’t a new VP take a super majority to approve?

  8. Renate Kloefkorn

    OMG. God help us if that happens. That is when blood will be shed and they will get their civil war. People had enough.

  9. Kat

    Unbelievable! We were told how lucky we were that Trump was elected rather than Hillary, and now (one YEAR past Election Day) we may end up with Harris (who said they would round up the Trump supporters) and HRC?! Wake me up from this nightmare. Meanwhile, people are dying from the jab, they’re coming after the kids, people are losing their incomes, and there are so many mental health emergencies and suicides that most hospitals have zero capacity to help these people. There were five teen suicides here in this area several weeks ago. What happened to “you and your families are safe?” And Simon has the nerve to laugh about how horrific things are in the US. I do believe God/good will prevail, but I don’t trust anyone anymore except myself and God: not Flynn, Trump, Simon, etc. We have been gaslighted and delayed for how long now. Many patriots are now feeling they have been deceived by the white hats, many are now turning against Trump. My fear is that kinetic actions are coming soon if they keep up this horror show.

  10. judy cottingham

    I’m lost. For nearly a year all I’ve heard is Hillary is dead since 2018. Obama has been taken care of and gone, now you guys say he’s controlling things, and Hillary could be vp, Has all this been lies or click bait? And Harris isn’t a national born citizen, so how can she become president? ( although Obama did). Please set the record straight.

    • Dbillingusr

      If you think Hillary is dead, you’ve been listening to kooks.
      Biden and Hillary are not dead. To believe such is utter nonsense.
      God bless.

  11. Pamela

    I don’t normally make comments, but I was just sure SImon said that the ‘white hats’ would never allow Harris to be the President. I could be mistaken on that. I also believe Simon said if this mask mandate and passports continue past Christmas we have lost the war. We aren’t too far from Christmas. I guess we continue to wait and see and keep praying.

  12. Michael M Murphy


    Sorry you feel I am being intellectually immature. Sorry, but if someone says they did something rather it was yesterday or years ago and if they don’t recant it, then an opinion needs to be formed. I do not have a scope of approval. I am neither a good man, nor am I a bad man, I am just a man. Just because someone says they have a good source doesn’t mean it is true. I like proof and I deal in facts as well as seeing. I call them how I see them Doug. I like your show as you always deal in proof. Do not lower your standards.

  13. Mark Timothy Murphy

    Not a word about (President?) Trump during this interview. Why?? He needs to step up now, not later. We, the real Americans do not care if they call it a coup. He is the only one who can stop the madness a.s.a.p. Is there something, important info being withheld from us? Where is the info for that? We are worried out here!!! Our future is at stake. I cannot believe The President would allow this to happen. If someone stole something from me, God help them. I would think Mr. Trump would feel the same. The r-tard is now stating he had the 81m votes. What does it take to piss off the true President and put this country and the World back into his vision of the earth. and the evil thieves into prison. We need him, the patents and so on, and he’s the only one to do it. God bless him, he has worked so hard to put the nation back to where it rightfully belongs. Now, due to the theft, we are asking him to do it again at any cost. He is a great man and we need him again.

  14. Shelly G

    Simon said last week they were voting Harris out. Why the complete 180? Trying to discern credible sources out of all this is difficult when they aren’t consistent with the content.

  15. Paul Nicholas Holt


    I’ve been meaning to write you for a while, I just wanted to convey from the UK my appreciation for your work and intellectual approach to the subjects that are discussed on your platform.

    I discovered something a while back which I haven’t seen or heard covered by conservatives, and if you get a moment, if you could take a look into it and maybe discuss the subject with someone on your show.

    The subject is the slogan build back better. I’m sure you already know, this slogan is being used by many world leaders and originated at the United Nations. Some see it as the slogan of a potential New World Order.

    What I discovered is the domain name, a search which anyone can do, was first registered in October 2016. It was registered around the time Comey went against Hilary Clinton when he released a statement regarding her emails.

    This revelation opened up a whole avenue of thinking for me, did the Globalists actually want Trump to be elected in 2016, was the same voter fraud used to put him into power as it was to get him out of power four years later?

    You see my point, if the globalists wanted to usher in a New World Order, did they think it would be easier to do with Trump in place? Did their plans go off track when Trump did such a good job, and that’s what brought the virus and US/World shut down into play?

    These demons in the world are cunning, we have to think like them to beat them, but not act like them.

    Any way Doug, thanks again for your work and continued fight.

    May god bless you, and your family, on the other side of the screen.

  16. Chris Koreivo

    I am glad to see you have lost so much weight and look so fantastic. I myself have taken on the Purium diet touted by Mel K and Charlie and I have lost 25 pounds (which is plenty for me). Many of we enlightened people seem to be benefiting health-wise and I wish you and all of your patriots the best. Thank you for your great show.

  17. John Enos

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to the republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    As for this fake government and their false God, they can go to hell.

  18. sandi booth

    What is they remove Harris, put in Hillary, then remove Biden which would put Hillary in as Pres.

  19. Lady Di


  20. James

    Doug, please stop having this fraud on your show. He is such a liar and a big fraud. Some of the things he has said just within a year: Biden will never be in WH, Biden is not the president, trump will be inaugurated in Jan/feb/March/April, white hats are running an operation for massive deep state arrests – Biden, palosi, Kamala and so on, Hillary is in jail/Hillary is dead, etc etc. FYI, there is an awakening alright….PEOPLE ARE AWAKE TO SIMONS FRAUD. please don’t bring down the level of your show by having frauds like simon. Have a blessed day.

  21. VIckie martin

    I tried to get to your site on health. And nothing comes up for it

  22. LouLou

    If you tell us stuff, Simon, please say whether it’s a fact or just one of several possibilities. It sucks enough as it is to be strung along like this by the “white hats.”

    And why do people say “God-fearing?” I have never understood that. God is love. No room for fear here.

  23. Mark

    Harris and Clinton theory doesn’t make any sense.
    It will not save the Dems in the midterms, no more than Biden staying in office.
    I believe they will do everything they can to stall the midterms altogether or cause an event that will allow them to continue with mail in voting.

  24. Christian

    Greetings from Switzerland! Always nice to watch.

  25. Nelson lead

    I’ve been watching Simon for some time now and he has said a few times Hillary died at gitmo. And was no longer on this earth, from his own words so this is very contradictory

  26. Sanna Propp

    Big fan of Simon! I know he’s really busy, and appreciate anyone that can orchestrate face time with him. However, Doug you’re my favorite host!
    Thank you! God Bless you both and your families! Happy Thanksgiving from Montana!

  27. Rena Wilhelm

    Dbillingusr November 24, 2021

    If you think Hillary is dead, you’ve been listening to kooks.
    Biden and Hillary are not dead. To believe such is utter nonsense.
    God bless.

    The kook we have been listening too is Simon who told us months ago that Hillary was most likely taken out & he believed she was no longer with us. He also told us that Andrew Cuomo was hung. This is extremely disappointing to hear him talking about her in this regard now. It invalidates everything he has ever told us.

  28. Holly

    I always tune in when Simon sends out the link. I watched as he launched your show & watched your instant recognition. I don’t care for the non-loyal commentary that you & makes it hard to watch your shows. Today you did the same with General Flynn & attacking Simon over information. Simon again patiently explained why it’s important to put the possible news out. General Flynn’s recent messages have become dire warnings at how desperate the threat of losing our country to the communists in our government taking away our rights under the Bill of Rights, under the lie of the fear they are promoting thru the pandemic. The American people are heavily censored & labeled domestic terrorists if they speak freely. The deeper message is not whether Simon is right or wrong about leadership changes but that Obama is the man in control. He probably laughs to hear you give Simon a hard time or doubting General Flynn. He’s never spoke of a 1 religion for patriots under God- that is the Pope’s statement. Loyalty is about having the patriots backs no matter what. The digital soldiers that Flynn commands are trying to awaken people & get around the censored news. True patriots need to have their backs 100%. I think you dropped the wine bottle. We see this in Rinos every day. Please be steadfast in your faith in the God led patriots & not lukewarm in your faith. I know you are not intentionally trying to turn people off…. but I would not share this show with anyone who doesn’t know General Flynn’s true messages.

  29. Theo Bear

    How could Pelosi ever become VP when she’s supposedly in FBI custody going as far back as Biden’s “inauguration”? I thought Clinton had been executed. She has so many clones and body doubles, how do we know it’s even the real one?

  30. Theo Bear

    Simon Parkes gets his information from twitter and conspiracy sites. He’s got no more of a line in to the White House or the Pentagon than I have. The man’s a fraud, but he’s an entertaining one. He’s never been right about anything. He said weeks ago Queen Elizabeth had died.

  31. Anthony C.

    I love listening to Simon, because everything he says is absolute fiction. But he produces his phony baloney narrative with such regal aplomb it’s always an interesting interview. But disinformation. The people feeding him all this false information must be laughing their tails off behind the scenes. Election will be overturned on April 1st. Hillary’s dead. Harris is being thrown out. No Harris is going to be president. No wait… Good grief. This is harder to follow than a soap opera. I tune into your Simon interviews purely for comedic value at this point. But hey, keep up the good work, and great job getting your health in order! God bless!

  32. Jason McDonald

    Doug, please consider this theory. All these delays in electorate justice is leading me to believe that Trump has always been a deep state operative installed by the globalists to keep the “rebels” complacent and placated long enough for their deep state plan to be implemented. Trump keeps us peaceful with carrot and stick promises that the courts, states, and patriots will do the right thing. I fear that we will wait so long on these empty promises that by the time we realize that we’ve been conned, it’ll be too late and the full globalist plan will have been implemented, right under noses, while we wait for some ‘savior’ to bail us out of this nightmare.

  33. John

    I love your show Doug and thank you for what you do. However I feel you should not have Simon parkes back. This man constantly lies. He makes bold predictions that never manifest and used his viewership to promote products he’s pushing. I feel a lot of people in the community feel the same way.

  34. alan cocks

    Sending thanks, and love, from Berkshire UK

  35. Zoltan Fazekas

    While the white hats and the military , the savior of the human race, are playing this game which involves a huge delay in taking action, people lives being ruined due to fascistic governments that are force vaccinating and murdering people among them children as well. not to mention the high prices which causing people to starve to death which has already started in the country am from in Europe and if the information is true about the Australian military rounding up people and taking them to detention camps and then force vaccinating them then things are much darker in the background then it’s been painted by armchair white hats. This is the military which is supposed to be the closest ally of the U.S military. So, at this point because of the procrastination and the inability to show something to leaders of countries which could tie their bloody hands and prevent them from poisoning people, the white hats are causing people to suffer and to be murdered.

  36. Mary Bolt

    What a very disappointing interview with Simon. His last video, he was telling us Trump might be back before Christmas. Today, Trumps name was not even mentioned. Many of us thought that Simon had political connections to the Trump organization and could offer hints of hope. Obviously not…he gets his info from other truthers. What are we waiting for??? Converting all of America to the idea of evil Dems can only happen at the grass roots. The mainstream news media reports that Dems are great. And most people hardly watch news. If there’s a plan to get rid of the cabal including Biden, Harris and Clinton…do it now. Hillary as VP?? Hell, last time we were hearing about her arrest. This was a waste of time. Doesn’t anyone understand the power of the #MAGA movement? But these are not violent people, but clearly the majority.

  37. Patty Jo Vickers

    As always, enjoy seeing Simon on your show. I’ve followed Simon since January 6th when thousands of us were broken down on that day and as I was reading responses out of 100s+ coming through on what happened, one of those responses led me to Simon’s pod cast.

    Patty Vickers

  38. Patty Jo Vickers

    Thank you Simon and Doug. God Bless you both.

  39. Piotr

    Hugs from Poland 🙂 thank You Doug

  40. JoAnn Hancock

    Dr Charlie Ward has stated over and over again that We are watching a movie! Hilary, Kamala and Biden have been dealt with .. I believe to make those statements that Kamala is going to step in as President is totally misleading the public and creating more stress to THE PEOPLE !! Many of us already know that D J Trump did not concede ! The Military is in control ! Mike Lindell has all of the Proof and went before the court yesterday !

  41. Sue K

    Harris can’t be POTUS or VP; she’s an anchor baby and not Natural Born. Same problem with Obama.

    Hillary isn’t in the line of succession for any office besides, she’s off the planet.

    This is all optics.

  42. colin elkins

    where the hell is the share button.

  43. Kelly Orfield

    Too back you won’t take Simon’s d*ck out of your mouth long enough to BE A REAL JOURNALIST…

  44. Margaret Treis

    The US can’t just put this one or that one in the VP place according to whim. In the Brit system elected people form their governments, not here. News flash…We have elections. We have a Constitution. We have a process under law. WE go by it. At least conservatives do. We shriek foul when the other side doesn’t. Kamala was, “elected” in a “legitimate” election. Congress doesn’t select a president other than verifying what the Electoral College votes. If you want Kamala out, you will need to decertify the 2020 election and put in the other side. Not whomever we like. KAMALA’S IN. SHE’S NEXT. And after her, Pelosi. That’s how it is. Congress cannot “chose who’s really running things” behind the scenes….like Clinton. (It will be the deep state that does that.)

    Decertify the election or embrace the suck. But don’t set another unconstitutional precedent that will have us look more like a banana republic dictatorship than we already do. Simon is simply doing what he did with the “Man of God” new constitution BS….jumping in to determine what’s next. We already have a Constitution Simon. And it takes a HUGE process to change it, unless you’re deep state, which violates it customarily. IT’S NOT UP TO US or you either Simon. And PS, Obama has NO WAY to be in the limelight. It’s not his choice because he prefers not having to be there as Simon says. He’s had 2 terms. He’s done in a PUBLIC presidency. It’s not like he’s able to go in if he wants. He has to be behind the scenes. and while we’re at it, earlier in the Trump’s-coming-back phase that he also supported, Simon speculated on various people as VP. Apparently he thought Trump would just put in somebody else. WRONG! If Trump’s win were certified, we would have had PENCE who was ELECTED with Trump. Get a grip, guys! DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION…IT’S ALL WE’VE GOT. As we have faced many times, much better to have someone we hate in office than betray it….or it’s gone forever. You can’t just have it when you want it.

  45. Ingo Rampre

    Rena Wilhelm is on the right track. I am seeing contradictory information all over the place. From Simon, Charlie, Mel K, Juan, David Rodriguez and on and on and on. Don’t get me wrong, these are good people. They just can’t quite all come together and agree on the narrative (you too, Doug). And, in my opinion, they are not touching on what is really going on. Let me “circle back” to that in a minute. I am under the illusion that USA Inc. is bankrupt and has gone away. The illegal Biden regime is theater and of no consequence. General Milley has been arrested and is in Gitmo. The Joint Chiefs are White Hats and support Trump. Hillary was arrested in her home, sent to Gitmo and hung. . . so has her daughter. Bill Clinton is in solitary confinment at Gitmo. How am I doing? Seems to me Biden is now a legal president. idea what the current status of Milley is. . .The Joint Chiefs are ordering the jab for your military. . and loosing thirty percent of them in the process (yikes). . .Hillary is in line for the presidensy. . .ah but the plan is on track. Now to “circle back”. . . has anyone heard of Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. . . or David Icke? The dangers befalling this planet are far and away more concerning than Biden or even Trump, or Obama for that matter. Perhaps we need to start thinking about who really controls this planet. These folks have some really good info to share. Finally, why not interview Dr. Andreas Kalcker or Dr. Tenpenny , Dr. Mikovitz and other in that league?

  46. Paige

    NOTHING was said about a Trump coming back in this interview. Meanwhile, our beautiful country is being destroyed, and Simon actually laughed about how bad things are in the US. Many of us have had it with the constant delays, moving of goalposts, gaslighting. I think the NWO was installed when resident Biden assumed office. Research Project POGO and Project Zephyr. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need our constitutional sheriffs to uphold their oaths and arrest these traitors. I still believe we the people prevail by some miracle, do NOT lose faith.

  47. Doris

    Horrible possibility. I hope this can be circumvented. Thank you for sharing your information.

  48. Carol

    Simon stated not that long ago HC was no longer on this planet she was executed. So what can we really believe?

  49. Jez lucky

    Waiting for you to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR LIN WOOD.

    Timely interview with Simon including a statement from Flynn …. We the people are not buying it!!

    Actions speak louder ……

  50. debra dosch

    I think the white hats or the dems reconsidered having her with the failing polls and the total incompetency..
    i am CC member so I love Simon now for 12+ yrs but this didnt happen YET! AND thank goodness it didnt! I do love doug. Hes passionate about our country and a patriot. thank you doug!

  51. Gee

    This nothing but a movie. None of this is real. Just a bunch of characters and actors trying to instil fear. Once we come to this realization and get these characters on a geometric playing field it is all over for them. The movie doesn’t end in fact there multiple movies and shows going on in this so called reality. Just depends whether you give them credence or not.

  52. Angela Lapetina

    Doug, thanks for your show. You inspire me to work on a podcast supporting our country and President Trump. I love your work and thanks for bringing Mr. Parkes to your shows. I follow him since 6 years ago and he knows what he says and I trust in his words. Lord bless you, Doug, and I wish one day to share my hand with you. It will be an honor. I wish you have a Thanksgiving with yours. Blessings!

  53. James Horton

    Doug or Simon, what about some reports coming out indicating that Gen. Flynn is really working for the left and betrayed Trump during those last few weeks of his presidency. And not just Flynn, but Trumps other supporters, Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell. Writer Susan Bradford recently came out with a piece on the Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show web site saying these things. I don’t see this as true, but as disinformation to try and throw a wrench into the works of the white hats. Just like to know your thoughts on this and if you have even heard these claims.

  54. Mary Parry

    Hillary hanged GTMO on 4/26/21 at 9:00 AM. Doubles are only available.

  55. Mary Parry

    Harris, Pelosi, Obama have all been sent to GTMO and tribunals punished them to death, so this info is BS!

  56. Kacey

    I haven’t heard where 5th circuit stopped mandates for 5-11..I heard it was for OSHA..Did I miss Something?

  57. Mary Parry

    The woman behind Biden’s Communistic bad polcies and mandatory vaccines is ANITA DUNN. THE MARINES JUST ARRESTED HER AND HER HUSBAND ON NOVEMBER 19 AND HER TRIBUNAL IS scheduled!

  58. Sandy Aaron

    Why did Flynn lead a congregation in a prayer, praying to the “legions of the seven rays of light”? That’s right out of the New Age religion, Madam Blavaski, and Clare Prophet. Flynn prays to another god, not the God I serve.

  59. Paul Novel

    Awesome programs right side seeking the truth

  60. Jan Coulson

    I love when you have Simon on. Thanks. (And I love all your shows. Good shows.)

  61. Jan Coulson

    They’re building a huge stage on the WH grounds today. Find the latest Nancy Drew videos.

  62. Mark Timothy Murphy

    Your algorithm has messed up the order of the emails you had received yesterday. It had split mine from my I.D. I truly want a response to my question if you will. Please. Thank you. It is the thirteenth from the top.

  63. Mark Timothy Murphy

    Your algorithm has messed up the order of the emails you had received yesterday. It had split mine from my I.D. I truly want a response to my question if you will. Please. Thank you. It is the thirteenth from the top.

    Why?? It was a very nice email. I do not understand.

  64. Francis an ex-idiot?

    Hurry! The American TV soap General Hospital running for over 50 years… Is now a reality show General Q Hospital. Sheep or patriot… We are going to be slaughtered. Only the covert whitehats are out of arm’s way living in their gold junks house full of supplies and food. I wonder which of the two is worse: the lies of the blackhats or the omission of the truth the whitehats. The thing is we never expected the omission of the whitehats.

  65. Adrian

    Doug is God’s favorite person on earth. If you don’t believe it, ask Doug.

  66. Graham

    Like others have said before me, I’m very disillusioned with Simon now. He has previously told us to trust the plan, that Hillary is gone, that Kamala is being removed, the White Hats are in control, Trump is coming back etc, etc,
    Now an about turn??? Hillary is back??
    We were told that Trump is really in control behind the scenes, that Biden is not really signing Executive Orders, the military do not recognise Biden as President, it’s gone on way too long to change now.
    What happened to the Quantum Computer the White Hats and Q had to tell the future? it didn’t work that well in the election did it?
    “Watch the Water”?? we’re in November 2021 and, apart from false promises, nothing has actually changed. Are we being strung along with a load of bull? it really does feel like that at the moment.

  67. J Brown

    Please someone correct Simon as he keeps saying that ‘Britain’ needs a constitution, a “written parchment” the same as the US. Truth is we already ready have one, we have the English Bill of Rights 1688, Magna Carta 1215, still very much in force.

    Article 61 was invoked on 23rd March 2001 and still in full force to this day. I do know there is a plot underway by British civil servants to rewrite our Constitution (unlawfully & treaonously) as only we, the English, can do this via referendum.

    The British establishment traitors are trying to erase 1,000’s of years of English heritage & customs, we no longer have an identity & the English are the only country that doesn’t have its own Parliament. Would they dare to call the Scots British instead of Scottish and remove their Parliament?

    I’m just hoping & praying that Simon is genuine & isn’t a part of this plot.

  68. Melissa Hyde

    I learned of you, Doug, through watching Simon. Good to see the two of you together again. Happy Anniversary! Hold the Win.

  69. kate

    hmmm… i want to believe in and understand the “intellectually mature” conversations that you and simon both hold on your broadcast, but am finding it increasingly difficult to support the rationale and thinking that is being displayed. i have enjoyed both your and simon’s podcasts over the past year plus. with that being said ,there has been an alarmingly increased exchange of speculation , “intel” and information discussed that simply is not true or never occurs. this is dis-heartening and contributes to the desire that many of us are experiencing to stop watching and of believing in the truth of what is being shared by both of you. i begin the podcast excited that perhaps we will enjoy discovering positive and truthful news only to be disappointed that it is merely a rehash of speculation and a false narrative possibly being displayed. yes, we are in challenging and uncertain times, but to continue to fuel that mindset is not only disappointing but creating more confusion as well. i thank you for your patriotism and the supreme effort , however, it is now time for intellectually intelligent conversation and not speculative “intel” or “what i have heard” .
    let’s shift our sharing to facts~!

  70. the dave

    Timelines can change. Lets hope that one does.

  71. Lorenz Manner

    I really like your discussion and the pieces of news you’ve disclosed. Very interesting and we hope to see good days ahead.

  72. CdnAmerican

    Simon, why on Earth are you acting as though B.O. is doing ANYTHING, or Susan R. He’s met justice a couple years ago, and she( who is really a he) is locked up. this is a nonsense discussion. Why the disinformation SO SO late in the game. At least refer to these “people” as the actors they are.

  73. Lynie

    November 26, 2021

    Dear Doug:
    Just wanted to add that there are many of us who really are getting tired of the repetitive lies that Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are always spouting.
    They always tell the pubic one story one day and then they change it180 degrees the next. Just letting you know we ALL love you but have definately
    lost tons of respect for Simon and Charlie.

    Hugs Dug,

  74. Lia Machel

    I am waiting for more news about the Nov. 22nd Dissolution of the UN, WHO, IMF and World Bank!

  75. Lee

    I believe serious things are happening on a Classified basis behind the vail.
    People need to realize that the American Government is riddled with CCoruptio,both houses on Congress in the many bureaucracies,specially in the Intel Bureaucracies,
    this is a very serious National Security Threats,
    We have wittnessed an Insurrgency that permiates our Governments from the Municipal,County,State and Federal levels.
    It aslo permiates Small to medium & large corporations and then the Conglomerates.
    I believe there is a game of Black Spy Vs.White Spy that is going on (Moves and Counter Moves)
    I believe there are Legal Matters going on in Classified Courts/Militaty
    Tribunals that are working to root out these networks of Corruption and Charge Idividuals in these Serious Matters of State and National Security.
    I will not state what I have wittnessed by doing akot of research and searching for info that has led me to my beliefs but I will say the Military Justice System is very involved with Secret Civil Courts in what appear to be very highly classified matters and the constitutionality of how to charge individuals and business entities and in which Justice system to untilize in different cases.
    I Belive we will most probably start to see some movement to start cleaning up this mess after the 2022 elections and most probably start to become public knowledge in some fashion in 2023 and a large partial disclosure after the 2024 election.
    I believe their will be a huge swing of power to the good in the 2022 election and a huge voter mandate to the law and order side of things in the 2024 election.
    That this to heart…
    We are in a season of exposure starting in 2016 and continuing up until 2024.
    Some times the people have to see the Evil with their own eyes,rather than just being told about it.
    When they see the Wrong,the Evil,the Corruption in their face with their own eyes then and only then will they seek a change for Good and act to bring That Change to fruition.
    I will not reveal what i am seeing in the Military and Courts in respect to Classification,National Security,and Operational Security as well.
    But with what i have gleaned from many sources Justice is Comming,The Rule of Law will Return and the Nation will awaken to the Evil,Corruption,ect.within our nation.
    I will take time so Pray and be Patient..

  76. Johan Forsberg

    in Sweden we pay 2 USD/liter diesel 🙂 🙂