The Danger & Deception of Critical Race Theory. Plus: Simon Parkes!

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 6, 2021
CompressedCritical Race Theory plus Lindell & Parkes

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Maria Zack is back to discuss the global cabal of the theft and fraud of an American presidential election. She joins The Right Side With Doug Billings for an depth look at the people and events in the United States and Italy with regards to the largest election scandal in history.
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Georgia Election Law, Ron Desantis and 60 Minutes, Simon Parkes, and Lin Wood takes over South Carolina GOP.
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Administrator Biden is using E.O.'s to take our guns, while we deal with the Commusocialists, Islamic Domestic Terrorists, and the Border Crisis. We watch Ron DeSantis expose that the Democrats are communists, and we chat with Maria Zack.


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  1. sari

    great show

  2. Pat Mullarkey

    It’s invaded our children’s minds at the high school and collage level.
    The mistake the commie-satanist made…. locking us up and all the WOKE mom and Dads saw it.. saw the theory saw how the teaches honor this radical race baiting… well when the commie – satanist go after your children right in front of you … Parnets did one of two things . They coward in fear with their mask on OR they took and are taking a stand. Note the mom our the Eastern shore in Maryland.

  3. John Zimmerman

    Another great show Doug. Thank you for your dedication to spreading truth. As a pastor, I certainly appreciate your efforts and passion! God bless you Sir!

    • Dbillingusr

      Thank you, Pastor John!
      I appreciate your support and kindness.
      Cheers, brother.

  4. Cathy Taylor

    Great show Doug. Love Simon and Mike is awesome. I have supported him for years with pillows, towels and sheets all of which are of high quality. thank you for all your hard work Doug. Love you too!!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Cathy!
      Thank you so much for the kind message. Glad you like the show.
      Much love to you.


    Thank you for speaking the truth and shining a blazing light on the lies being fed to those still in the dark. Refusing to see the evil events being perpetrated in our society accomplishes nothing, except to give strength to those who honor satan. It’s time for the courageous to stand and be counted. Thank you for giving a voice to the thoughts shared by many Americans. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Phyllis,
      Thank you for the kind comments and for your support.
      I appreciate you.
      God bless.

  6. Mary Scott

    Im confused… he said he had to take a break and would be right back with Simon…. then no Simon. What happened?

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Mary,
      It’s a 3-part series. Simon will be back today.

  7. Gretchen Taylor

    Awesome show. Thank you.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Gretchen,
      Thank you!!

  8. Mary

    The interview with Simon Parks was interrupted for commercials. Doug, you said it would resume after but it was not. What happened? Why is it not complete?

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Mary,
      I said several times the Simon interview is a 3-part series. He’ll be back over the next few days.

  9. Sherry Cox

    I’ve tried to watch this show (April 7) three times. The commercials forced it to end each time. Simon was on briefly but never returned. What’s going on? So sad

  10. John Zimmerman

    To those asking why the interviews have been cut short. In both cases, with Mike Lindell and Simon Parkes, these were segments of the entire interview. The segments were spread out over a few days. I found this to be different and confusing at first, but the giveaway (besides Doug already explaining this in the beginning) was Doug’s change of clothes. And as for the comercial breaks, I understand this to be necessary when you are using the funds from sponsors to pay for the show. Using BEK allows Doug to reach more people. It has its trade offs, such as commercials. I actually applaud Doug to sacrifice the structure of his show in order to get the message out. More people need to join the fight with determined prayer and determined Patriotism.

    • Dbillingusr

      John, thank you for proving to be among the intellectually mature! LOL… You get it.
      Cheers, brother.

  11. Robin

    You were doing a 5 part series with Mike Lindell and I’ve seen the first two. Do you have a schedule for the next 3 parts so that we can specifically look for them? You always have a great show but right now, we are so interested in seeing Mike’s next release of voter fraud information.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Robin,
      Good to hear from you.
      The entire Mike Lindell series can be seen on my website ( or
      Thanks for your support.

  12. Dbillingusr

    Thanks, WarEagle, for your opinion. It’s duly noted.

  13. Dbillingusr

    Hi David,
    Your opinion is duly noted.Production errors will be corrected.
    Try to default to the positive going forward and you’re always welcome aroound here.
    Cheers, brother.

  14. Dbillingusr

    Hi Dick,
    Thanks for the opinion, it’s noted and appreciated.
    I’ll endeavor to earn back your full support.
    Cheers, brother,

  15. Dbillingusr

    Hey rustyrog,
    thanks for the message. I’ll clean up the production errors that are frustrating to you.

  16. Dbillingusr

    Hi Busi,
    The Simon interview, as I said, is a 3-part interview series. He’ll be back over the next few days.
    Thanks for the message and opinion.

  17. Brad


    Waiting to put these out in three parts, it is old news by the time you watch the 3rd. Plus you say you will be right back with Simon. Very confusing. Just my opinion as viewer.

  18. David


    What happened to the second part of your Simon Parkes interview Tuesday, April 6?

  19. Mark Sheldon

    The more and more satanists tighten their grip on humanity, the more I realize that Jesus Christ is the way.

  20. Muriel Vargo

    Oh this format is terrible. We get 5 minutes of Simon and the rest is all commercials? Really?

  21. JoAnn Fahrenwald

    If you like me feel you cannot run for an office or organize a movement then PRAY! Prayer in faith moves the hand of God!! Thank you doug for a place we can go to hear the Truth. May the Lord continue to bless and protect both you and your guests.

  22. Michelle Taylor

    Great show as always.

  23. Patty Jo Vickers

    Always look forward to hearing from Simon. Thank you Doug for having him on your show. On January 6th all seemed lost, our President Trump, our party, I fell into the deepest low of lows. As I was reading some responses to a newsfeed on FB, (and there were over a 100), one response said “you need to see this”, and gave a link. I didn’t know the person who wrote it, but clicked on the link and there was Simon Parkes. He helped me and I’ve followed him ever since. I check Simon and your website every day. So again Thank you and God Bless you, Doug and Simon.

    Patty Vickers

  24. Margaret

    Just a note that I really don’t like the chopped up format —- Hopefully you will go back to dedicated a show to one specific guest and giving them an opportunity to voice their thoughts while they are current to us, and not dragged out over a few days….

    Otherwise, I appreciate all you are doing….

  25. Cecilia Samson

    Mike Lindell is a very intelligent, experienced, and determined businessman with good Christian faith and love for America. His documentary should help President Trump when he claims his rightful position. He will be a good governor in his state.