The Myth of America’s Racism, with Special Guest – Ron Freeman. Part 2

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 21, 2021

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The Right Side with Doug Billings exclusive interview with Lin Wood and Maria Zack, this is part 3 of 4. Plus: Clay Clark!

Today is part 1 of Doug's interview with Ron Freeman, on the Myth of America's Racism.
Doug interviews Simon Parkes. Lots of information...great stuff!
Mad Max Maxine Waters and LeBron LeBuffoon James: The Core of Racism in America
Today is a "best of" show with the full Maria Zack interview as Doug is in Tulsa.

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  1. Diann T. Read

    Thank you so much, Doug and Ron, for such powerful discussions. These are much-needed conversations in this country right now. God bless both of you.

  2. Andrea Herrera

    Wonderful content as always

  3. Chris Henry

    Great insights in these interviews with Ron! Much love from Canada!

  4. Kim Schichel

    I thought I heard that Ron Freeman has a book out. I haven’t been able to locate it. Do you have a link to Ron Freeman’s book?

  5. Theresa roy

    Love this information

  6. Andrea

    In Australia..we are being constantly told we are racist. That our indig are so badly treated by white/supremacists.
    Most don’t work, but sit in their dirty little communities and keep yelling that they die sooner than whites cause their health is bad, that their people/kids are constantly locked up, and yet they do nothing for themselves, they are given housing but completely trash it and then yell they’re housing is not up to scratch because we are racist!!
    It’s not the fact they are black that angers Aussies…it’s the fact that they’re allowed to do what they do and get taxpayer handouts to do it. The BLM group are just on the white supremacy band wagon here too.