Thuggery in America and the the N-Word. Plus: Part 2 of Doug’s 5-part series with Mike Lindell

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 2, 2021

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  1. Dom

    Doug, I in the past had appreciated your show so much, but here recently you’re slowly more concerned about your wallet size then the informations you gave out in the past. I understand you’ve have bills and expenses like the rest of us. I just hope you don’t lose yourself in the process as fame and fortune had done to many before you.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Dom,
      Thanks for your opinion and your support. I don’t have fame or fortune, and I am not in control of commercials… And I most certainly have not lost myself. But I completely get where you’re coming from and I THANK you for having my back and watching out for me and the show. EVERY show has bills, expenses, etc. Everyone from Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh – everyone – has commercials and needs to meet expenses. My hope is twofold: 1) That you keep on supporting me and the show and 2) Use the “skip” button for the commercials! 🙂

  2. Antonio Godinho

    Another top notch program, Doug! What a passionate and patriot man Mike Lindell is. Keep up the good work. God bless you, my friend.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hello Antonio!
      Thank you, my friend, for your continued support.
      God bless you!

  3. Lynne

    Prayer is the only answer. God alone can help us!

  4. DA UTES 1

    I appreciate the interview with Mike Lindell, but don’t like the way you’ve chopped it up.! I’ve been an avid supporter of your programs for the last 6 months. I’ve introduced you to family, friends and fellow Patriots. I have copied your videos prior to establishment of your website and sent them to many people. I’ve subscribed to your website as a Legacy Member and tried to get my Network to do the same. I even stated early on, that your communication style and depth, approach the Great Rush Limbaugh. (Prior to your video tribute to Rush).

    Again, I’m disappointed in the choppy, ‘we’ll-give-you-a-taste, but not the whole meal approach’ to the interview. At the end of both of the first two sessions you implied you were coming back, after the brief Capitalist Break, with more from Mike, but the show ended with multiple Ads. I hope you don’t decide this is a trend for future interviews. You’ll lose me as a follower.

    Doug, I hope you take this to heart, sincerely. I am truly one of your biggest fans.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hello DA UTES 1
      Thanks for your well-met opinion. I hear you and am honored by your support.
      I will work hard to keep your support.
      God bless you and all whom you hold dear.

  5. Jeannie J LeFrancois

    When did we become indifferent to human suffering. If I as a nurse did not get involved even in off duty then I would be libable.

    In both attacks, had someone stepped in on behalf of the victum. And had others join in, the purps would have been in arrest by civilians and then able to be turned over to police. There were several people in the second video. These men have mo right to claim moral superiority by not acting. Which I had the name of the establishment. I would write the owner.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Jeannie,
      I agree with you completely.

  6. Ladonna Benger

    The way Mr. Lindell is talking Mr
    Trump is just sad over what us happening…I have bern trusting God for Divine intervention and that is why the Military is in charge?? Is this not true?? I am a concerned citizen/Christian/ Conservative…still praying…ty

  7. marty robbins


  8. Kathryn

    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves and under a just God will not long retain it.” _ Abraham Lincoln

    Please do not be discouraged by the comments about your style and presentation of the Mike Lindell interviews. Men should walk a mile in each other’s moccasins before slinging mud. Don’t take it to heart Doug! Freedom fighters have long endured mutiny in the ranks! Those who say such things may have been hurt in the past with trust issues and should be prayed for so they can heal. With so much deceit out there and so many lies and false platforms we do not condemn those who would condemn you but understand where they are coming from in the darkness of the commie/socialist regime. Fear of being deceived is now a very real and intense threat to us all. Prayers up for everyone!

    Gratitude for your determined patriotism and prayers and your absolute faith has been a light on a very dark hill to so many people. If you want to break that interview up into a thousand pieces it’s your call and we’ll be happy to tune in to get the next and the next and the next episode!

    Remember Doug…. the road ahead is bumpy…. so don’t count on your air bags…. fasten your seat belt and Let God Prevail! Lay your head down knowing you’re doing exactly what you were sent to do for God and your fellowmen!

    A Patriot at every turn now and forever,


    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you for your passionate support and patriotism! Yes, there are a lot of trolls and conservative snowflakes out there. Let’s continue to pray from them.
      Because of your support and the support of thousands of others, I’m resolute to push our conservative and Godly message forward.
      The mud slingers only reveal the emptiness of their souls. Our prayer is that they default to the positive in life rather than the negative.
      God bless you and all whom you hold dear.

  9. Elaine Peterson

    Good Evening Doug Billings, Thank you for all of your Videos and all the guests you have on your show. Very enlightening.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Elaine,
      Thank you for your support. I’m honored and blessed that you like the show.

  10. Elaine Peterson

    I do not accept the extreme violence of beating someone to a pulp because of using the N word. I do not use those negative words and do not condone use of the N word. I went to school where the Black students would use that word towards each other.

  11. Chris Burchfield

    Great job Doug!
    Thanks for having Mike on for the series. Praying for you, Mike and our country!

  12. Michelle

    watched two videos and very disappointed in not being able to see all of Simon Parkes interviews. Took a break and he never came back to finish his discussion. So very many commercials.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Michelle,
      The Simon interview is a 3-part series. He’ll be back over the next few days.
      As for the commercials: Give yourself permission to use the “skip” or “fast forward” option.