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  1. Jeremy

    I really wish Trump would stop talking with cryptic code at his rally’s. That’s gets everyone going as well and doesn’t help.

  2. Terri Hawley

    Doug, nowhere did you provide proof that Eric and President Trump debunked the theory that the military is in control. NOWHERE. And at this point, I am trying to figure out your angle on the Ukraine/Russian situation . Your theory that Putin is not taking biolabs out simply because Moscow is downwind is kookiness. You have ignored so much evidence in this regard and remember, evidence of the obvious is sufficient. Your continual defense of Flynn would be funny at this point if it wasn’t for the fact it shows your true colors and they aren’t good.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Terri,
      The burden of proof is not on me to prove the theory. The burden of proof to prove the theory is true is on the author. I can tell you that Eric and the President think it’s nonsense.
      I’m not an investigative reporter… I’m a talk show host. I give my opinions based on my own analysis of issues. In my opinion, the theory is a brilliant work of fiction.

  3. J Ludwig

    Don’t YOU Doug have a bottle of wine waiting for you from Michael Flynn??? Weren’t/aren’t YOU Doug referring to Biden as “Administrator” and not President?? Why is that?

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi j Ludwig,
      The bottle of wine sits on my set every day during every show.
      It will be opened again when Trump is back in office. Nothing has changed. Why are you seemingly filled with anxiety?

  4. Gerri

    Hello Doug,
    I watched the video you just posted (1st time in awhile I listened to your show) I used to listen to you a while back and used to love listening to you until I seen the turn in your tone towards the American people who are also trying to figure out what the hell is going on with our country and it seems like you’re just degrading people that are just giving their opinions and trying to figure out also what’s going on, don’t hamper their hope let God deal with them and show them the truth. You used to bring people on your show they were talk about what is going on in our country and solutions, now all it seems like you’re doing is focusing on attacking the patriots. Re: the Devo, there is proof in what he is saying he attaches the legal documents. You are saying that it is fiction what he has wrote so you’re saying that all the executive orders all the documents that he’s posted from the government sites, that is fiction? very interesting, show your proof something is not happening. You’re also forgetting one thing this wasn’t just the stolen election this was an attack on our country and the people, that’s treason and I believe with trumps personality and him as president and commander-in-chief that he did not sit by and do nothing.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Gerri,
      Devo is fiction.
      Believe it.

  5. Graham

    There you go again doing the stupid childish voice taking the piss out of people clinging to hope.

    • Dbillingusr

      People are clinging to false hope. The purpose of my show has been and will remain giving hope in reality.

  6. Brandon Nilsson

    So…you want us to believe that, the leader WE have been waiting find, was actually stupid enough to hand the keys of kingdom back over to the treasonous crooks? That President Trump actually bent over and took it? Come on man!! He is just a man for sure, but if he is a true Constitional man, then he should’ve known that it was his duty, reguardless the way it might of made him look to none believers, that he held the power to do “something” at all costs!! If he actually chose to walk away and seriously believe that he could defeat them with just us talking, knowing they control everything, then he is not very smart at all. I dont know if you have noticed but, those damn machines are still in play! Do you honestly believe that they aren’t ready for a HUGE turnout of Red voters this fall? If he put nothing in place, and they do have complete control, you they them and who ever else, is waisting our time! Keep talking peaceful BS while the deepstate, shadow gov, cabal whatever you choose to call them sets up take the final blow!! Its sounds like you need to wake up not the the people clinging to hope. That evil is real, the time for patty cake and ass kissing ended when they stole our voice!! No need to play fair anymore, war is never fun and lives are lost but its worth every life lost to regain all that has been destroyed. Freedom has NEVER been given without the ultimate sacrifice, always paid in blood!! Nothing else.

  7. Brandon Nilsson

    Your pod casts used to be conducted much differently. Dont forget the man WE fell in love with and would’ve died for is still encouraging people to take the jab!! Evidence is sufficient haha that its poison!! There is not an explanation that can take that mark off of him, other than, he has a plan in play, which you choose to deny. Do you realize how stupid and weak it makes him look, if he really did nothing? Makes you wonder about the art of war and deception. You better start believing in the boogy man bud, the true lie lays there.

  8. Doug Crum

    Again president trump is not coming back to save us we have to save ourselves we save ourselves we have to be digital and good Christian people and pray to God that somebody is going to end .The military would be great in that respect.

  9. Brandon Nilsson

    I will also say this for you Doug. To all the folks hounding you on the position you have taken, think about this. Doug is is in a position where he is communicating with key players quite frequently so, I choose to believe that there is a plan and Doug has become part of it. He has to keep people engaged and on the path of being united as ONE PEOPLE. If we are allowed to believe that we are going to be saved so just stay calm, then naturally as humans we get lazy and will not engage but instead sit around and wait. All of us are part of the plan! Our piece of the pie is to be united and eyes wide OPEN! This movement that President Trump and the groups of people like Doug are helping guide doesn’t work if there is no one at the top with some sort of control or plan. There is no way President Trump could hand “ALL” the power over to a rogue establishment and walk away. That in itself is derelict of the Commanders duty. Even if we vote these people out, they are not the head of the snake! The cancer will return without more action than just replacing the people in office. There has to be a plan!

  10. Kathy

    We have gone from “the most intellectually mature audience” to “deep state operatives” if we dare to use our intellectual maturity to question Gen. Flynn and/or Doug’s narrative. If I didn’t know better, I’d think we were on FB or Twitter. You can’t strong arm us, Doug. We will continue to think for ourselves, as is our God-given right. I used to enjoy your show; now I don’t go further than the headlines. I hope they don’t throw you away when they are done using you.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Kathy,
      I have to wonder then, why are you here? I value you and your contribution to the Republic.
      We have no time to engage in myths, and I have a responsibility to guide my audience and any who listen to truth.
      God bless you.
      For the Republic.