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  1. Dan E.

    Obama (Biden) brag about
    Wining via Marginal Wins in Selective Precincts but somehow (each time) lost 70% or more Counties Nationwide.

    Mathematically makes absolutely no sense…

  2. James pruett

    Heard this all before. Be confident in restoring Trump. We have to march Moldova style. Confused? Listen to TheDeepRig here

  3. Carolyn Brayshaw


  4. Nicholas Cekinovich

    Thank our Holy God for people like Seth. To be able to analyze this data and present it in this way is absolutely remarkable.

    God Bless and protect him.


  5. Fred Hill

    Excellent report!

    How can I subscribe to your show and be alerted to upcoming shows? Thanks

  6. John

    Hi Doug,
    I’ve been trying to watch this for two days, hopefully this means that thousands are tuning in! Great show, btw, and I am thankful to you for educating us in this. It is very important to get the entire conservative/republican base educated to “at least” this level. The information shared debunks the conspiracy claims by the MSM. There is merit to this audit and investigation. It infuriates me to see how this was stolen and our elected officials knew it and did nothing. It is WE THE PEOPLE that are making the difference. It is YOU that is making a difference. Thank you Doug. God Bless You.

  7. Ginger Vincent

    This was an excellent episode. Thank you so much for sharing it. I was a worker in the Michigan TCF center and that fraud must be exposed. God bless you for all you do.

  8. Anna Marie

    as for what the AMERICAN PEOPLE are “ready” for……… TRIBUNALS – TREASON CHARGES – that is what AMERICANS ARE READY FOR –

  9. Mary Czewski

    Rachelle Madcow on fake CNN had you in her fake news hit piece. She called you a Qannon conspiracy theorist. Also you need to be investigated by the DOJ. Please sue them. Out of control with lies. She also attacked General Flyn.

    Love your show. 🇺🇸🙏❤️

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Mary,
      Can you direct me to a link where you saw/heard Rachelle say this? I’d appreciate it.

  10. Ken Baysinger

    Please, please, please stop saying “incredible” to describe something good! Incredible means, literally, “NOT CREDIBLE.” Anyone translating to a foreign language will translate it to mean NOT BELIEVABLE, exactly the opposite what you mean. Your work is NOT incredible. It is extremely credible.

  11. John M.

    In Michigan, as I suspect in other states, the voter registration rolls are intentionally kept inaccurate for situations just like 2020, where some extra non-existent voters are needed for shenanigans. In my county in Michigan, the 2020 US Census puts the population at roughly 151,000, with approximately 120,000 residents 18+ years of age (and thus eligible voters). According to statistics provided by the state of Michigan, the percent of eligible voters who are also registered voters varies county-to-county, in the range of 70-80%. Assuming my county is at the high end of the percent of registered to eligible voters (80%), there should be roughly 96,000 registered voters in my county. However, according to the County Clerk’s office, we have slightly over 131,000 registered voters in the county. Not only is this number of registered voters 36% higher than the number calculated using publicly available data, it is 10% more than the number of residents eligible to vote. Where this becomes even more problematic is when you analyze the number of votes actually cast (voter turnout), which has historically been in the 65-75% range depending on voter sentiment. According to the County Clerk, approximately 88,000 votes were cast from 131,000 registered voters (using their questionable number), for a very benign and historically average turnout rate of 67%. Assuming due to the sour taste provided by Covid lockdowns that voter turnout was at a statistical high of 75%, and also assuming that the true number of registered voters is more in the range of the 96,000 calculated using supportable data, there should have been approximately 72,000 votes cast…well below the 88,000 votes cast per the County Clerk. Using the 96,000 number for registered voters, and the County Clerk’s number of 88,000 votes cast, the result is 92% voter turnout, which is absurd. My point is that the voter registration rolls have intentionally been allowed to ballon with inaccurate data, with the objective being to create a “smoke and mirrors” situation surrounding the potential to cheat. I’d say in this county of 151,000, based on all available data, there could easily have been 10,000-15,000 fictional voters. Extrapolate this to the five largest counties in the state, which cumulatively consist of 50% of the state population, and the number of imaginary voters in those county could number a half million, or more if the voting rolls are even more inaccurate than my county. In my opinion, when the number of official registered voters on the roll outnumbers the total number of residents who are even eligible to vote, which is obvious bullsh*t, an election should not be allowed to proceed.

  12. Val McElvain


  13. Ken Baysinger

    Advertising rates?

  14. Alan

    Look at Va. I’d like to see the numbers there. I don’t understand why anyone who won would not be eager to show they won legitimately, unless they are not honest. Honesty and Integrity seem to be going by the wayside in our Govt. Sad.

  15. Laura L Wells

    Wow! amazing info. alot of hope for this getting corrected! Can’t wait! Thank you Doug! for such a great Guest! What a Patriot!

  16. Al

    Great program Doug! And excellent guest to explain the numbers for us. Thanks Seth.

    FYI- You are pronouncing Nevada incorrectly. It is Nah-vod-uh, not Nee-vA-da. There is no ‘e’ at the end making the ‘a’ long.